Ona Meyer

Ona Meyer


Haunting, velvet vocals combined with an intimate and passionate songwriting style make for tunes that will nestle themselves securely in your soul.


With a silk and honey voice that molds to any genre, Ona Meyer brings a broad personal influence to her songwriting that not only frames her deepest emotions on a lyrical front, but unmasks her as the influential artist she’ll become. As you find yourself getting lost in the velvet of her voice, you will discover yourself being found again in the passion of her music.

Her vocals and style have garnered comparisons to Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Annie Lennox, the Eurythmics, Melissa Etheridge, Enya, Yanni, and Sade. As diverse as she is passionate, she won't be put in a narrow stylistic shoebox. Her influences range from the angelic, pure and solid sound of Lara Fabian to the hypnotic grooves of Enigma's reign, from '80s power-driven Journey to the plaintive, naked, in-your-face honesty of Everything But The Girl.

In addition to the tunes she calls her own, Ona has been called upon to lend her talents globally. She has collaborated with artists in Germany, Australia, Singapore, New York, Texas, Kansas, Maine, and her home of Charlotte, NC, laying down vocals for new age, rock ballads, jazz, trip-hop, pop, hard rock, mood rock, and Euro-pop tunes.

“Songwriting is a tremendously personal thing, and so is the way it’s delivered, of course; but at the same time I know my experiences aren’t entirely unique,” Ona shares. “For every thought or feeling I’ve had, chances are pretty good that someone else has also had that same notion at some point. Everyone’s experienced frustration, elation, tension, loss, crazy love; it’s just part of the package, it kinda comes with breathing.”

Her goal with the debut release? “If ‘Holding’ doesn’t get in your veins somewhere along the line, I’ve really missed the boat here.”

We invite you to experience Ona for yourself.


Holding - December 2005

Set List

Andromeda III
Endless As The Sky
Staggered (Calamity Pop Mix)
4 AM (f. Jeff Noel)
Together Again
Doesn't Much Matter
Staggered (Bolder Mix)