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"Making Music To Stop Things From Dropping"

I recently met a couple of Yorkies with a message – put stuff on a rope and end the dropping of things. “It’s one of those world-changing solutions – like electricity,” said Jordan Mandel.

It was out of this unique philosophy that the acoustic duo On-A-Rope Enterprises was born. Mandel and Myles Wagman had been jamming for five years before realizing the potential behind their musical and philosophical talents and forming this revolutionary band.

Playing their repertoire of catchy original songs, peppered with the occasional cover, On-A-Rope’s first major performance was the Tambourine Magazine show in September 2008.

“We had people entranced,” said Mandel. “They would not let us off stage. People were holding their forks up, lining the stage, saying, ‘If you don’t play another song, we’ll skewer you.’” The duo describes their style as alternative/acoustic/psychedelic.

You may not instantly detect the psychedelic, but they assure me it’s there. Both play the guitar, sing and write the lyrics. Wagman also plays the jaw harp and Mandel the sitar and kazoo, but both have yet to find the right song for these instruments. Despite their musical talent, it’s the Rope philosophy that drives the band. “A lot of the problems we have right now in the world are because people don’t allow people to think outside of the box,” said Wagman.
“And that is something we hope to combat with the rope,” said Mandel.

Most of their songs have nothing to do with stuff being on ropes; the “Ballad of the Rope” is the exception. Instead, the band “markets” rope concepts such as Soap-On-A-Roap-On-A-Rope, for extra protection; Pope-On-A-Rope, to keep the Holy One close at all times; Hope-On-A-Rope, for the chronically pessimistic, and Soup-On-A-Rope.

Dropping soup is never good, but if it were on a rope, you would never drop it. (They would not share their proprietary soup-attachment method, but they assure me it exists and the patent is pending.)
Wagman works as a waiter and risks dropping soup every shift. “If I had a rope, my job would be at least five percent easier,” he said. During my interview with the band, a waitress dropped some plates that crashed to the floor behind us. “There, see! What’s the first thing that came to your mind? Tell me,” barked Mandel. “On a rope…” I nodded. I began to see this philosophy’s potential. Sort of.

The short-term goal of the band is to play good music and promote their rope philosophy. The long-term goal is to play in space. But that goal is far off. “It would be a bitch getting all our amps and stuff up there,” said Wagman.

For now, On-A-Rope Enterprises aims to inspire people on Earth through music, to open their minds and to realize how putting stuff on a rope could benefit society. On-A-Rope has some upcoming shows this month and have recently released their first demo. They have thousands of songs – in their heads. They have recorded six of them, which can be found on their Facebook page (search: On A Rope) or their webpage, www.reverbnation.com/OnARope. - Crystal Fraser, Excalibur

"You Can't Cope Without the Rope"

As the lights dimmed, cheers arose and the duo known as On A Rope Enterprises took the stage to the glee of their anxious fans.

The 40 minute set was filled with a rich harmonies, impressive guitar work, and a rare sensibility displayed in their songwriting craft. They tastefully peppered their set with covers to reel in unknowing fans, yet it was clear that most in attendance were familiar with several of their tunes including the catchy Life, Suddenly.

The duo, comprised of Toronto-area guitarists Jordan Mandel and Myles Wagman, extends their musical performance into an ongoing tale of two salesmen traveling the land and informing the world of their fine line of products, all intended to help people avoid "The Dropping of Things".

A quaint sales pamphlet distributed at the show unfolds to reveal these products, an absolutely hilarious expansion on the classic Soap on a Rope. Their 'fine' products include Soup on a Rope, Soap on a Rope on a Rope, and the flagship product of their Metaphysical line, Hope on a Rope.

As far as fresh and exciting projects on the music circuit go, these two troubadours will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with. They are possibly the most exciting musical experience since 1973.

But don't take my word... hear it for yourself! Once you do, you'll be hooked. As they say so well, in one of their tongue-in-cheek sales pitches, "You Can't Cope Without The Rope!" - Robert P. Lurner, IM Walrus

"Talented Duo Shows Potential on New Demo"

When I first heard On A Rope Enterprises' demo, I was surprised that only two musicians could have such a big sound.
Guitarists Jordan Mandel and Myles Wagman push the boundaries of what we expect from an acoustic duo. Although the harmonies are shaky at times, On A Rope's vocals are catchy and have a unique sound.
Life, Suddenly is a deep, introspective look at growing up and deciding what you want to do with your life, and when On A Rope sings, "What are you going to do?", the listener cannot help but think about their own lives and the sacrifices we all make to be affluent.
My favourite song however is That Seeping Truth, which has explosive guitars over a driving blues rhythm.
Lyrically, On A Rope has shown potential to become a serious force in the indie music scene, as they challenge social norms and explore the human condition.
Overall, On A Rope's demo is a big step forward for this talented duo, and I look forward to hearing a more professional recording. Marvelous! - Klaus Zimmihn, De Stijl


-Self Titled EP
-January '09 Demo
-November '08 Demo



Comprised of longtime friends and musical collaborators, On A Rope is a marriage of acoustic guitar wizardry, dynamic subtlety, and sublime 2-part harmony. Each of their songs is richly garnished with upbeat, intellectual, pop sensibility, yet maintains a depth and clarity that yields repeated listening.

Myles, an acclaimed Beatles aficionado, brings a strong classic rock/pop sensibility to the project along with a summer drive, top-down, Jack Johnson acoustic flavour.

Jordan came from a family of technically-minded guitar shredders but separated himself by his feel for melody. After a eureka moment, Jordan rediscovered the acoustic guitar and has since become immersed in the folk tradition while remaining connected with his roots.

Through their music, charisma and rapport, On A Rope brings a highly energetic, spontaneous, and memorable presence to every show. Each show is an active challenge for the band as they improvise and perform adapted, live versions of their songs. The exhilarating experience gets fans involved and leaves them constantly yearning for more.


To date, On A Rope has recorded and released a self-titled EP along with two demos. The EP is included in this package.

The band recently attended the annual OCFF conference in Ottawa, during which they played a successful showcase. Additionally, On A Rope performed along with Neverending White Lights at the Rogers Spring Music Festival and is presently performing at venues across the GTA and Southern Ontario.