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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada | INDIE
Band Pop Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Evolve Apparel 10 Question for OCH"

are you and what do you do in the band?
My name is Bronson McMahon and I sing for On Call Heroes.

How was the band formed?
The band came together almost 3 years ago when my twin brother (Blaine) and I got together with a friend (our ex drummer Colby) from a past band and a friend of his (Chris). We shortly became best friends. We did everything together man. We were friends first and band second, still taking the band seriously. Since then we have become a five piece with a new drummer (Spencer) and a second guitarist (Simon) we are all still great friends, even with Colby. :)

How would you describe the band’s music?
I would describe our music as pop punk. We are heavily influenced by bands like New Found Glory and Blink 182. I think vocally i am heavily influenced by Say Anything. I love Max Bemis with every fiber of my being haha.

If someone has never listened to your band, which song would you like them to listen to first?
“That Guy” is definitely the go to song. We have that one on the radio where we’re from here in Victoria, BC, Canada. Except we had to make an edited version so we could get it on the radio!

What is the writing process like?
The writing process came really easy to us right off the bat. It usually starts with a guitar line and we all just jam it together and it goes from there. We are all weirdly in each others heads at all times. We all know when to stop when to switch to a verse/chorus etc. Its always been super fun writing.

Which Reality TV show would you like to be on?
I would love to be on jersey shore so I can personally fix their collars and punch them in the face for being idiot assholes haha.

What bands do you believe deserve more credit/exposure?
There are so many bands that I feel are way better then the mainstream crap you hear all day on the radio. We are introduced to so many amazing artists all the time. It’s amazing what you can find out there. Most of my favorite bands are small time bands we’ve played with or bands I’ve found on the internet.

Check out our good friends Prom Night in Black and White, Sharks! on fire!, and our Aussie boys Cardboard Castle.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
For some reason I always have to take a dump before most shows. It’s awful haha. I can’t help it and I always wait for the absolute last minute because I’m an idiot haha.

What are the band’s plans for the year?
We are going on tour across western Canada in a few weeks! We are super stoked for that. And in April we are gonna try tour the US. Just getting our name out there any way we can. And probably get some new recordings done by the end of the year.

What is your ultimate goal for the band?
The ultimate goal for the band is to just be able to tour all the time. To get our name out there to everyone. Not necessarily making lots of money (which would still be awesome :P) but to be able to do nothing but tour. Making money to play shows and live. That would be amazing!!

As cliche as it is, I just wanna say thank you to all our fans out there who support us and help us do what we love. And for anyone who hasn’t heard us, please check us out and support your local music, It’s generally a million times better than the shit you hear on the radio.
We have every website imaginable so check us out wherever you listen to music online! :)


"91.3 The Zones Band of the Month"

See web site. - The Zone @ 91.3

"Top Albums Of The Year (2010)"

#4 on Top Albums of the Year. - Fuck Yeah Pop Punk (blog)

"Brotherhood Review"

Brotherhood is the second by On Call Heroes. It was release on July 9th, 2010 and I must say this album is fucking amazing. I'm not just saying this because we, the magazine, got a thank you on the album (check the booklet and you'll see), and I'm also not saying this because I'm friends with the guys. But seriously, Brotherhood is really amazing. Brotherhood covers everything, from pushing some guys head through the floor, to breakups, to protecting someone, to restraining orders. Oh how could I forget bromance! It has it all, like literally. If I had to pick a favorite song it would have to be Eat Your Heart Out (Literally). Why you may ask, it's because it's a song I didn't really expect from the boys. It's deep, it's somewhat heavy (especially for the boys), it's purely amazing and I love it. Though that is solely based off of how many plays it has on iTunes and my iPod. Though the song That Guy is a catchy, I mean who can't get POP THAT COLLAR HIGH out of their heads? I know I sure can't. I'm just going to end this review right here, because everything is going to sound the same and very redundant. Seriously dudes and dudettes GO AND GET THIS ALBUM RIGHT NOW! I highly recommend it!

You can get the album Brotherhood at www.oncallheroes.bigcartel.com and hopefully on iTunes soon? I don't know, if we nag them enough it'll be on iTunes eventually. - Moving on Magazine

"Country Girl, Fight Club, and It Takes Two (To Bango) - On Call Heroes Review"

I'm going to try my best to make this review sound like I'm not trying to suck some major dick or as the boys would put it as, trying to get them in bed. But the three latest songs On Call Heroes have released in the past couple of months are fucking amazing, and I'm not just saying that because I'm friends with the guys or the fact that I love On Call Heroes to death. But Country Girl, Fight Club, and It Takes Two (To Bango) are three really amazing songs. Country Girl and It Takes Two (To Bango) are both catchy upbeat song, humorous (in their own way) songs. Both songs talk about guy things which is well, girls and sex. But it's in not in a derogatory way at all, it's all comedic. As for Fight Club, it has a more serious mode than the other two songs. There are no right words to explain how amazing Fight Club is, it's one of those songs where you're just dumbfounded and keep on listening to over and over again. I believe Fight Club is better than On Call Heroes' previous song (that sort of has the same feel of tone), I Need You from their first album All Roads End Here.

If you haven't checked out On Call Heroes, I strong suggest that you do. Especially if you're totally into the pop/punk music genre. And be sure to keep a watch out for when Brotherhood comes out, it's going to be without a doubt the best album of 2010. - Moving on Magazine

"Postive Punk In Langford"

See website - Goldstream Gazette

"On Call Heroes, “Brotherhood” Review"

“Welcome to the Brotherhood,” says a dark voice as it introduces the next full length album from Victoria group On Call Heroes. Brotherhood is the sophomore release from the up and coming quartet, soon to embark on a half-cross-country tour to Saskatchewan promoting the album, which is set to drop this Friday.

Compared to previous works, the new album stays along the same style of pop-punk music that OCH has long been known for in their local scene, but this time they’ve bumped it up with a lot of faster, more catchy and up-beat riffs and percussion, as well, the vocals lay sound on higher octaves.

The genuine and sometimes rated-R lyrics they throw down throughout the album make you actually want to listen to what lead vocals Bronson McMahon is talking about. And of course, you can find the humour of the band scattered along the way, with songs like “That Guy” shouting “It’s Pretty clear to me that he punches little kids”, “Tonight Is For The Boys Boys Boys” with “We’re watching your friend ride a tricycle naked”, and simply the titles of track one, “Int(b)ro”, and track eleven, “Brotherhood(Outbro)”.

On Call Heroes is a good example of a band trying their hardest, the old fashioned way, to make it big, but are having a ton of fun while doing it. And for a group thats not signed to a label, they do a damn good job at recording their own album; it’s nice not hearing songs about love, but instead, about being a bro.

[xrr rating=4.5/5] - Doubledance.ca


Brotherhood (LP)- 2010
All Roads End Here (LP)- 2008
All Flights No Tights (Demos)- 2008



Formed in the Winter of 2008 by identical twin brothers, Bronson and Blaine Wesley McMahon and long time high school friends Christopher Steel and Colby Boldt; On Call Heroes, a candian Pop Punk 4- piece was born. In the beggining; the boys started the band as a way to pass the winter months, something that best friends could do together. Hang out, laugh about random jokes and write music influenced by their favorite bands. Afterall the boys had one thing mostly in common, they all idolized the So-Cal punk rock band Blink 182.

Over the following few months the boys began to play local shows in a seemly metal scene. Playing almost any show they could get on, OCH started noticing a fan base arrising. More time passed, and more of a fan base followed, until the demand for a record was high enough.

Two Records, a new drummer and tours later, On Call Heroes are where they want to be, completing their second full length record with producer Travis Saunders was a milestone in this, while internet buzz and label interest slowly arose. Bronson and Blaine McMahon, Christopher Steel and new comers Simon Millington and Spencer Needham are a force to be reckoned with.