On Call Heroes

On Call Heroes

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

Music that doesn't take itself TOO seriously, is relevant to rest of the world, and still catchy. About spending time with friends, doing things you think are funny. About girls you want, and girls you want to forget. On Call Heroes are the Heroes of realism.


Formed in the Winter of 2008 by identical twin brothers, Bronson and Blaine Wesley McMahon and long time high school friends Christopher Steel and Colby Boldt; On Call Heroes, a candian Pop Punk 4- piece was born. In the beggining; the boys started the band as a way to pass the winter months, something that best friends could do together. Hang out, laugh about random jokes and write music influenced by their favorite bands. Afterall the boys had one thing mostly in common, they all idolized the So-Cal punk rock band Blink 182.

Over the following few months the boys began to play local shows in a seemly metal scene. Playing almost any show they could get on, OCH started noticing a fan base arrising. More time passed, and more of a fan base followed, until the demand for a record was high enough.

Two Records, a new drummer and tours later, On Call Heroes are where they want to be, completing their second full length record with producer Travis Saunders was a milestone in this, while internet buzz and label interest slowly arose. Bronson and Blaine McMahon, Christopher Steel and new comers Simon Millington and Spencer Needham are a force to be reckoned with.


Brotherhood (LP)- 2010
All Roads End Here (LP)- 2008
All Flights No Tights (Demos)- 2008

Set List

Two Bucks
Country Girl
Fight Club
It Takes To Two To Bango
That Guy