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"ONCE BLIND: Sounds Like Jesus Music"

ONCE BLIND: Sounds Like Jesus Music
Contributed by Mike Parker
Friday, 17 October 2008
Last Updated Friday, 17 October 2008
Once Blind
by Once Blind
All the Angels Sing Productions Ted Hajnasiewicz and Tony Preston cut their musical teeth playing in the Minneapolisbased
bar band, Moondogs. While the experience could be categorized as somewhat less than spiritually uplifting, it
certainly gave the friends an opportunity to hone their craft. Though they shifted the focus of their musical gifts to a more
ministry-oriented approach, the raw, bar band vibe still remains thick and heavy in their debut Christian project, Once
Blind .
The CD starts off auspiciously enough with the upbeat, yet smoky, “Lead Me To Way Everlasting, Part 2.”
Meaty lyrics, loopy guitars, insistent drum banging and even an occasional cowbell lift this tune above the commonplace.
“Everybody’s Everything” mellows out to a moody and meandering guitar worship ballad with a
touch a angst thrown in for good measure. With its scratchy throated tag-team vocals, “Yesterday” feels
like it could have been a barroom jukebox fav. The band does a creditable cover of the classic worship tune,
“Shout to the Lord,” employing fuzzy electric guitars and understated toms to lend a rock ‘n’
roll feel to the song. And eschewing the conventional wisdom of the three and a half minute radio tune, Once Blind
includes a couple of six and a half minute monster tracks, “Time Waits for No One” and “In the
Flesh,” that harken back to the golden days of early 70’s AOR rock.
The lyrics are earnest and heartfelt, heavily infused or at least heavily informed by scripture. The melodies are for the
most part solid, anthemic rock broken up by occasional acoustic flourishes. This is obviously an indie project and could
have benefited from better production, particularly on the vocals. But for fans of honest indie rock, Once Blind is a
refreshing reminder of the innocent days of the Jesus Movement before major labels realized they could make money in
the genre.
Check out Once Blind at their myspace page -



- Buddy Hollywood - www.buddyhollywood.com

"Celebrate Recovery Add"

This coming Friday, January 9TH, we have a special treat scheduled. A regional touring act out of Minneapolis will be providing a concert. The band "Once Blind" will be playing a blend of favorites and some original Christian music. They are sure to rock the house! - Fran Kunz - Hope Community Church

"Band Expo"


Once Blind
Genre: Rock
Secondary Genre:
Robbinsdale, MN
We sound a lot like other Minnesota
rock or alt/rock acts - Soul Asylum, etc
- but our message glorifies our God.
We love playing live, we love
connecting with the audience, and we
love connecting with the Lord in Worship.
Contact: http://www.sonicbids.com/OnceBlind - Gospel Synergy Magazine

"Once Blind to Play Sober Jam"


'Once Blind' (band) to perform at Central Park Sober Jam Friday

September 19th 7:00PM along with September Calling and Damascus.

Billed as Christain Band Night Hosted by The Chapel Band & the

Central Park Friday night Sober Jammers. 639 Jackson

Street Saint Paul MN two blocks East of Minnesoat Sate Capitol

across from Regions Hospital I-94 University at Jackson Street

14th Avenue. Suggested $5.00 freewill offering.

Call 651-491-6286 or e-mail banjotomh@aol.com or ted at


- Rubba Blues Band

"Interview - September Issue of Gospel Synergy Magazine"


Ted and Tony had been playing together
for over 12 years in a Minneapolis bar
band called The Moondogs. While they
had a lot of success in the local music
scene - the call to do something bigger
was always there. Ted and Tony left The
Moondogs in ’07 to form Once Blind -
a rock band dedicated to serving our
Lord and Savior.
GS: Why did you choose the name
Once Blind?
Once Blind: Tony and I were both living
lives that were for us, not for Him. Until
about a year and a half ago, we were
playing in secular bands, really just
doing whatever we wanted, with no direction...... - Gospel Synergy Magazine


Once Blind (2008)
O Holy Night (Christmas single - 2008)
the lost ep (2009)
Unified By Grace Compilation - Midwest Rock Volume 2 (2009)
Your Kingdom Come (2009)



Been there, done that. Bought the T-shirt. Got fat, and outgrew the T-shirt. That is the story of Once Blind. Each member has spent years in the local bar band circuit, in various genres of the Minneapolis music scene. Each member has had many ups and down, made personal memories, connected with people, made friends – pretty much “did it all”. Been there, done that.

But there was always something missing. No – not fame, fortune, big cars. Heck – Ted can barely drive the car he has, and certainly doesn’t know how to take care of one. He doesn’t need a big expensive machine to destroy.

No – there was always this sense of dissatisfaction – or should I say MISS-satisfaction. Something was really missing. Each member felt this – and it continued to grow stronger and stronger.

And each member, in his time, came to the realization that playing for self was not going to cut it. And playing for self was what they were doing – whether it was an audience of girlfriends and spouses, or thousands – they always played for themselves.

That changed as each member finally heard the call – the call that was always there. “Stop playing for yourself. Play for ME”. God was calling. He was challenging them to write songs for Him and Him only. And LUCKFULLY, they listened!

Once Blind is a band of Christians, not just a “Christian Band”. They are just like you – they have struggles they deal with daily. They fall down. They hurt, and hurt others. But by the grace of God, they are filled with the desire to play for a new audience. An audience of one!