Once-ler is original rock from Dayton OH we sound like ourselves only much louder. Create what vague combination of genre descriptions you may, but its rock that needs to be heard period.


Once-ler is a band that has chewed its dirt and spit it out. Born during the death of summer in 1999, Once-ler is a monster grown from the passion of four individuals hell-bent on creating music because it needs to be created. Despite the local yokels reacting strongly to the presence of this challenging and original band, Once-ler, not content with keeping their vision to the local scene, has toured extensively in the Midwest and is still actively searching for new venues to pillage, exposing new dirty minds and sweaty bodies to their driven vision. Always pushing themselves for the next thing, In 2007, Once-ler self-produced their newest dominant album with local recording guru Fredzo, this one appropriately entitled “Last Day of Summer”, a fearsome follow-up recording to their previous album “Entropy” which was recorded and produced with the venerable Uncle Prunes at the controls in the chaotic comfort of their “mansion” known for its parties and scars. Local critic and rock legend Don Thrasher had this to say about “The Last Day of Summer”: “The local quartet is proudly out of step with modern-rock radio, dropping politically charged manifestos over a hard-hitting backdrop of unrelenting power.” The band and fans briefly nodded in agreement at Don’s “unrelenting power” comment, and then they got back to the rock. From the start, Once-ler has made Once-ler what it is: setting up their own shows, producing their own albums, and playing their own music which demands ears to listen. At this stage in the game, however, they are willing to consider those who wish to help carry some of this weight by handling the promotion and distro responsibilities. Regardless of these logistics, Once-ler continues to shrug aside whatever combination of vague genre descriptions those on the outside care to inflict on them. None of that matters. Simply put, Once-ler exists because their music needs to be heard. It is what it is. And it is good. Contact Once-ler at onceler55@hotmail.com to learn more about it.

-Robert Hernandez 2007


Windows for the Blind, EP, 2001
Entropy, LP, 2005
Last Day of Summer , LP (Soon) 2007

Set List

45 minutes to 2 hours of originals