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Once Pure @ Mahan Building

Washington Court House, Ohio, USA

Washington Court House, Ohio, USA

Once Pure @ Beermans

Washington Court House, Ohio, USA

Washington Court House, Ohio, USA

Once Pure @ Alrosa Villa

Columbus, Ohio, USA

Columbus, Ohio, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



Good sound. Really good lead vocals strong and with quality and style. Guitar and Drums rocked and worked really well. Song was heavy and made me move. This is the kind of music that should be played in our power plants. It just gives out tons of energy.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Drums, Production, Beat, Mood, Originality - Dishevel Jan. 25 2009

Great sound-good vox-excellent mix-great screams-nice and heavy-stays hard at ya the whole way through-Very awesome guitar work around 2:20ish -Love the breakdown into an even heavier part.....excellent-I hope your live show is as good as this sounds-nice part 4:20ish-not sure what to think about the second ending- All n All awesome song.
- sevenpercent

i like the vocals and the riff is slow and heavy, i definately would buy this cuz i want to hear more! - invertheskies/Plymouth, Maine

Vocals - The vocals are effin fantastic what a great hook the singer gave this song... You can completely feel the emotion in the screams, then the Angelic vocals come in and thats it sold me from the start... I cant give enough props to you guys i am reviewing this but ive listened now twice and going on my third time...

Guitars - Solid tight playing know how to make changes to the right keys with fluid motions, great layering ...

arrangement - the song is all over the place but thats what keeps me interested in it its not your normal mundane verse chorus verse chorus bridge chorus... This song is its own album... whatever then name of it is you should rethink it and call it the epic cause i dont think you can beat that...

Drums - you need comments on them.... Because they are fucking Brutal you dont belong on garageband.. your better and you know it...

Production - Amazing to say the least, ive been recording bands for some time now and with the amount of layering you guys have its so brutal kiss your producer...

o ya and bass - well as we all know bass is irrelevant in metal.. haha j/k solid performance - bleedtheawakening from Toms River, New Jersey

Metal this is

warning not for babies or Poison fans

Killer head pounding fury

guitars drums bass A1

vocals deadly as a nuclear bomb,peels the skin from my ears in pure intenseness

drummer could probably pound the average mans face in .. arms and speed , precision of a lazer guided assault to the soul

bass tones so low it rumbles the globe like a fuking earthquake sent from the demons in hell themselves thanking the gods of metal here on earth

- inkaduelbee

Pantera didn't waste their time. Clearly this band picked up on new bands as well. But the groove and the vocals reminds me of my old heroes. And that's a f...... compliment, punks. Well done. - madsbjorn from Esbjerg, Denmark on 23Jan2009


2004 release entitled "Straight Jacket Romance"
2007 release entitled "Closing The Chapter"
2009 EP release entitled "Alone In This" with guest vocals from Noah Robinson of "Bleed The Sky"...



Once Pure was originally started back in 1999 by Jeremy Darden.

The release of a certain "Tool" album led to the foundation of the Band's driving forces. In 2001 Jeremy met Jay while browsing the CD's at the local record store while waiting for the Tool album "Lateralus." The two musicians started talking and realized the common musical backgrounds that they shared and the potential of working together.

Jay's brother Brad played drums, and Jay and Brad had been working together for years prior to the meeting of Jeremy and Jay. Shortly after their introductions to each other, they began working together: writing and playing the music that would become their trademark.

During the Spring / Summer of 2004 their first album "Straight-Jacket Romance" evolved and was recorded with Joe Viers at Schwab Studios in Columbus, Ohio and then released in November with the addition of Tony on bass guitar.

After their first release, Once Pure spent the next year and a half playing many assorted venues with many different bands to display their talents. After a successful run they began collaboration on their subsequent album titled "Closing The Chapter."

This second endeavor sent them back to Schwab Studios with Joe V. in the Fall of 2006 to lay down the tracks of their next album; taking time out only to play the essential gig here and there. Their hard work has paid off...the release of
"Closing The Chapter" has now enabled the band to do what they like best...and that is to deliver to their fans the music that has made them what they are today.

In the Winter of 2008, Once Pure decided to add the Fifth member to complete the cycle. Chad stepped in as their new bass player and Tony moved to guitar. With this change Once Pure has only allowed themselves to reach the next level.

Exactly one year later Once Pure is bigger and stronger than ever, releasing their new EP entitled "Alone In This". Once Pure is excited to have worked with Noah Robinson from "Bleed The Sky" who did a guest vocal track on "Belong In The Dirt".

With that being said they have goals in mind, getting signed and writing/performing their music! Once Pure has withstood the test of time and with a little luck will be the next big thing!

Once Pure not only brings the technical music to the stage when performing, but they also bring an entertaining show that will get the crowd to join in on the adventure. With numerous choreographed aspects to their stage presence, Once Pure creates a show that sends vibes to the crowd enabling them to experience the grooving riffs that make you want to nod your heads, throw your hands in the air, and sway side to side.