Once Upon An Opera

Once Upon An Opera

 Valencia, California, USA
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Our Mission is to ignite a passion for classical music and promote intellectual development through the literary arts. Our work creates an educationally-based literacy connection through music and develops an awareness of the rich complexity of the performing arts in children from an early age.


Virginia founded ONCE UPON AN OPERA 2008 with the mission to ignite a passion in children for classical music.
A long-time resident of Los Angeles, Virginia is originally from Adrian, Michigan and attended Interlochen Arts Academy and the University of Michigan School of Music with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance (opera). In New York City Virginia premiered lead roles in such Off-Broadway musicals as The Great Gatsby; It's A Wonderful Life; Little Women; Under Your Pillow and Pinafore in Blue. In Los Angeles she has sung lead operatic roles with Lyric Opera of Los Angeles, Casa Italiana Opera Company, Repertory Opera of LA, and El Dorado Opera.

Virginia is the proud mother of five daughters and amidst the chaos, she has developed this original art form that combines classical music, classical dance and classic fairy tales (albeit with modern twists) in an effort to get her own children interested in the Arts. What she has created has enthralled audiences of all ages and created a whole new generation of classical music lovers.



Written By: Virginia Stewart

I have a little story that I’d like to tell
The Santa Ana winds made me not feel so well
I sniffled and I coughed and sneezed all though the night
And thought maybe a cake would make me feel alright

So… when morning came I got up from my little bed
And looked for something to help with the pain in my head
My shelf was bare, it wasn’t fair
My nose was stuffed my eyes were puffed
All I knew was that I needed a cake! Achoo!

A Chocolate cake with frosting was stuck on my brain
I had to have it soon or I would start to howl and complain
My sinuses refused to drain

And so I decided to bake myself a cake
But I was missing flour - a big mistake
I went next door to ask for more
The pig looked out and gave a shout
And suddenly I knew I had to sneeze! Achoo!

Wolf’s Lawyer: Your honor see? She really didn’t mean to blow down the house
Judge: I understand, you didn’t really mean to blow down the house

Wolf: When I saw the damage that my sneeze had done,
I tried to help the little pig, but she had run
She ran off to another house made of sticks
I sneezed again and they ran to a house made of bricks! Oh!
I really do feel bad that I sneezed down the house
I tried to say I’m sorry but they called me a louse
I’ll help rebuild, they want me killed
They called the cops to bust my chops
And suddenly here I am in a court! Achoo!


Written By: Virginia Stewart

Welcome to our opera show,
Its not the story that you know
of Three Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf
Who blew down the house!
Our story starts where that one ends,
be ready for more twists and bends!
The pigs got mad and with a snort
They took the wolf to court!
Did that loud part startle you?
Well that’s what opera’s supposed to do!
There’s a word to the wise:
When watching an opera don’t close your eyes!
There’s that part again!
Opera gets loud now and then...
Singers sing high and sing loud all to please the crowd!
Now it’s time to start this show we’ve learned by heart
We bet that you want to see what the end will be!
To the courtroom now we fly
Will any of the lawyers lie?
Will we see the wolfie cry?
You will see it all by and by!

Threee Little Pigs In Court (This is our big pay day!)

Written By: Virginia Stewart

Three little pigs in court today
We’re gonna make that wolfie pay!
There’s no chance she’ll get away
Three little pigs in court!
She blew down my house of straw
She blew down my house of sticks
We all had to hide in my house of bricks
That was a bad bad day!

Three little pigs in the legal system
We’ve got our lawyer and we’re gonna win
The thought of a big pay off makes us grin
This is our big pay day!

She blew down our house and left us short
She left us with no resort
But to have our day in court
This is our big pay day!

We’re gonna win and we’ll win big
When we’re done that wolf won’t be worth a fig
She’ll learn you don’t mess around with pigs!
This is our big pay day!

Three little pigs who want a big win
Insurance claims to our chinny-chin-chins
And by the way the judge is our cousin
This is our big pay day!


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