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"Interview with Ryan"

Interview with guitar player Ryan Goodman - Late Night

"Bone Saw Blog EP Review"

http://bonesawblog.tumblr.com/post/5801081588/the-bonesaws-first-video-review - The Bone Saw Blog


We End, We Begin - May 2011
Luminaire - Sept 2011
Kaleidoscope - March 2012
Ashglen - July 2012



The Mississauga based “On Corinthians” began in 2010 with Ryan Goodman, who at the time, composed under the name “The Hybrid Tragedy.” Goodman came up with all the parts himself, however, the only thing that was missing in his songs were vocals. Goodman envisioned Courtney MacPhaden (formerly of Markham based band “The Diverse Attraction”) as a perfect fit and was ecstatic to learn from a mutual friend that MacPhaden was looking for a new project. With no money and quite a bit of experience as a recording engineer, Goodman offered to record MacPhaden’s solo project for free in exchange for singing on Goodman’s songs.
In February of 2011, Goodman and MacPhaden got together to begin work on the songs. Upon hearing the material, MacPhaden knew that this was something he definitely wanted to be apart of. Together, they began writing material and re-working songs of past and started looking for members to fill out the line-up. For a drummer, Goodman did not have to look very far. He invited his roommate and Metalworks classmate, Chris Forth, to session drums for the track “To Infinity.” Shortly after the session, an impressed Goodman asked him to join the band. The last piece of the puzzle was to find a bassist. Again, Goodman stayed close to home and invited childhood friend and “Hybrid Tragedy” live bassist Ian Bain. Dan Gonzalez was later added to the band as bass guitar and Ian was switched to guitar.
After settling the line-up, it was time to find a name. MacPhaden, embracing his Christian beliefs, suggested “On Corinthians” after the seventh book of the New Testament. Recording for On Corinthians’ debut EP “We End. We Begin.” was officially completed in April, and the EP was released on iTunes, Bandcamp, and CD on May 3rd. Over the following year the band has played all over southern Ontario. On November 19th the band added a sixth member, Mike Callahan on guitar and keys. On March 20th the band released their second EP “Kaleidoscope”. Today, the band continues to promote the EP by playing shows all over southern Ontario. They are also working on their follow-up, which they hope to begin recording late 2012.