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New York City, New York, United States
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"PigeonsandPlanes.com reviews, "Feel Tall""

posted by Confusion on June 29, 2011 in OnCue

oncue OnCue Feel Tall

OnCue is getting better with every release. You might be quick to lump him in with the other “college rappers,” or whatever you want to call them, but he’s got a realness about him and content that steers clear of being all about red plastic cups and good times. - PigeonsandPlanes

"Goodmusicallday.com reviews, "Feel Tall""

OnCue is on the brink of stardom. Period. He treats each track like it’s the hit single off his album: from production, to each word rapped, to the promotion. Well this is the first leak off his new project “Can’t Wait” which, mark my words, will be one of the best mixtapes of 2011. With all original beats and live instruments, this project breaks the stereotype OnCue felt he was getting from his sample-heavy previous projects. Not only does it break the stereotype, it sets a new one that OnCue is set to break out any day now. He has stuck true to his roots since the beginning and is passionate about the power of music, and not just the fame that comes with it. With cosigns from DJ Booth, 2dopeboyz, and (of course) GoodMusicAllDay, it’s only a matter of timing now til Cuey breaks big. Check out OnCue on twitter and be sure to keep coming back to GMAD for all the latest news for Can’t Wait. - Goodmusicallday

"Smokingsection.com reviews, "Feel Tall""

“I’m cool with Katy Perry hooks and my Canibus verses/ As long as y’all open up your wallets and purchase…” One of OnCue’s best assets as an artist is that he’s open about his character. Labeling himself as an Alternative MC, the Connecticut kid provides both the hook and bars to coming-of-age tracks like “Feel Tall,” the first single the upcoming Can’t Wait project. But, more importantly, the young man takes time to disparage himself from any quick associations you might make of him and his music, firing a few stray shots along the way without hesitation.
Basically, Cuey’s just putting it all on the table. Per usual. If your feelings got hurt, feel free to speak up or turn it off. - SmokingSection

"Djbooth.net reviews, "Feel Tall" - first leak off the upcoming project, "Can't Wait""

“Artist (fill in the blank) doesn’t sound like anyone else” has become such a common phrase that it’s ironically become cliché, but I just don’t know what else to say; OnCue is really developing his own sound. Not rapping, not singing, not rock, not pop, Cuey is not any of these things. Or maybe he’s all of them. You know what? Before I get you even more confused just listen to his new release Feet Tall, that should clear things up. With a music box meets electric guitar beat from CJ Luzi setting the backdrop, the DJBooth Freestyle alum explains that he feels like he’s finally become someone worth knowing through his music, pausing just long enough to reference Steve Urkel/Stephan, Brian Eno, a cross-dressing Shaq and more, topping off the lyrical fireworks with a understated yet engaged hook. Don’t worry, I won’t make you read any terrible puns involving OnCue’s upcoming album Can’t Wait, coming soon, but those hungry for a new full-length from Cuey can grab a dope appetizer in the form of his Leftovers project. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist at least one pun.) - Djbooth.net


"Can't Wait" (Latest mixtape)

"Feel Tall" video(MTVU Freshmen of the week winner) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGRbEj-AQcM

"New Religion" (prod. by Just Blaze and Party Supplies) http://soundcloud.com/oncue/oncue-new-religion-prod-by

"It Usually Goes" video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UylkwrkeRvA&feature=relmfu



Geoff “OnCue” Sarubbi is a 23-year-old Connecticut native/Brooklyn based Hip-Hop artist known for his unique blending of Hip- Hop and Indie Rock creating a fresh and eclectic sound. Back in August 2011 the video “Feel Tall,” the first single off the most recent mixtape “Can’t Wait,” was released. “Feel Tall” was an instant hit, garnering an impressive amount of views in the first few days and widely praised by critics and fans alike. It went on to win the “MTVU Freshmen of the Week” contest. Coming off the success of “Feel Tall,” OnCue co-headlined the nationwide, “Pledge to Rage Tour” performing in 36 cities. He recently linked up with legendary producer Just Blaze and released, “New Religion.” The collaboration between the two continues and the results will be featured on OnCue’s much anticipated new mixtape set to release in the Fall 2012.