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Prague, Hlavní Mesto Praha, Czech Republic | MAJOR

Prague, Hlavní Mesto Praha, Czech Republic | MAJOR
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""When Ondrej Štveracek picks up his tenor sax, people tend to stop what they..re doing and tune in. His standout bebop playing, heavily influenced and inspired by John Coltrane, has become something of a showstopper..."

“This CD is high powered and intense with very modern overtones. I love Ondrej's sound and his purpose behind the sound. His intonation and nuances are impeccable. Great CD. The band sounds like a real band. A must listen." (Jerry Bergonzi) - PRAGUE POST





The extraordinarily gifted tenor saxophonist Ondrej Štverácek enjoys freedom of jazz with a similar exhilaration as the remaining up-and-coming Czech musicians. He has been a regular member of Gustav Brom Big Band for many years now, has collaborated with the most outstanding young musicians from both the Czech and Slovak Republics as well as with artists from abroad (Jerry Bergonzi, George Mraz, Dennis Rowland, Philip Harper, Uwe Plath, Ryan Carniaux, Erik Doelman, Udo Van Boven, Igor Buttman, Mel Canady, Peter Beets, Stepan Markovic, Jonathan Crossley, Erik Rottenstein, Lubos Sramek, Klaudius Kovac, David Doruzka, Angelko Stupar, Milan Nikolic, Juraj Bartos, Oskar Rozsa and others...). Apart from activities as a sideman, he focuses primarily on his own concept of playing the saxophone, undoubtedly inspired by the jazz tradition.
Štverácek might already be hypersensitive to his perpetual comparisons to John Coltrane, however, he cannot elude them. Coltrane´s Sheets of Sound concept percolates through Štverácek´s phrasing and his tone resembles the one of his idol as well. Coltrane and Štverácek also share great horn control and flawless technique. Štverácek is never intimidated by breakneck tempos, odd meters or complex harmonies. Even though one would be hard pressed to find a better teacher than Coltrane, Štverácek has recently been drifting further apart from his influence to find his own voice to a great benefit of himself and his listeners. He is preparing a new album with his band and is touring all major destinations in Central Europe.
Štverácek´s jazz insight is brought to life with the assistance of the real master jazzmen of the up-and-coming generation. Bassist Tomáš Baroš is a talent, whose impact will soon overgrow the boundaries of the Czech Republic. The manifold playing of the passionate drummer Marián Ševcík reveals some afro-american drumming influences and the solos of the pianist Ondrej Krajnák resemble a stream of water, which will take the listener down and let him float in the current. No wonder that Ondrej Štverácek has picked out this line up to let his saxophone shine and easily blend into the group´s chemistry at the same time.