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One Last Thrill

Andover, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Andover, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Alternative


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"Gig Radar's Band Of The Week"

Wiltshire rockers One Last Thrill are putting a modern spin on classic hard rock, fusing huge hooky vocals with flying guitar solos for a sound that they describe to us as “catchy, progressive and honest.” We first saw the band supporting Divide in London last month, and were instantly captivated by their engaging rock sound.
The foundations of One Last Thrill were born out of lead vocalist Steph Whitehead, guitarist Oscar Rees and bassist Gareth Haskins, who all went to school together in Andover. The band was completed with the addition of Josh Lock on drums a few years ago and they soon upped their focus on the band as they started playing live music.
They released a debut EP a few years back, which includes the ridiculously catchy opening track About Me and second track Biting At The Bit includes an awesome line about Jeremy Kyle.
But my favourite track from the record is the epic Rotting Away, which opens with a funky little riff that drops into a crooning opening verse. The pace picks up as the riff kicks back in with pounding drums under big singalong vocals that flows into big, Black Sabbath-esque cries of “Rotting away all alone.” A second chorus drops into a section of vocals from Steph that end on a huge high note, then flies straight into a solo by Oscar that feeds into a final chorus.
While the One Last Thrill sound is perhaps best portrayed by the awesome If Leaving Was An Option. It fuses big singalong, melodic rock vocals and guitars, followed by a big guitar solo that feeds into one final blast of the catchy chorus. Check it out in the video below:

Latest single Face It kicks off with a cool repeating riff then drops into a big rock verse with smashes of cymbals kicking in, then a drum roll feeds into a big singalong chorus. Check it out in the video below:

One Last Thrill’s music has been honed by a plethora of musical influences, with Steph’s vocal focused inspiration from Alanis Morisette, P!nk, Myles Kennedy and Stevie Wonder, Blink-182 inspiring Josh to start drumming, as well as bands like Pearl Jam and Green Day. While guitarists like Slash, Jerry Cantrell, Brian May and Rabea Massaad, of two of our former featured bands Dorje and Toska, have had a major influence on Oscar.
And in terms of what they write about, Gareth told us: “Mainly everyday life and its difficulties. Trying to find your place within the grand scheme of things and that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. It’s you that determines what you achieve.”
We’re loving the sound of One Last Thrill, and are excited to hear what they have in store for us with their new music later this year.
The band has a tour coming up next month, playing gigs in Bristol, Sheffield and Manchester, with a few singles lined up for release in the next few months. More info on their upcoming gigs is here.
You can follow One Last Thrill on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and check out their music on iTunes, YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify. - Gig Radar

"One Last Thrill Live At The 229 Venue London"

Wiltshire / London-based quartet One Last Thrill got the night off to an aptly thrilling start with their big hard rock sound, opening up with a big drum roll then launching into some big riffs and powerful lead vocals from Steph Whitehead on catchy opening track About Me.
A drawn-out intro to the second track exploded into a big rock out, then ended in a rolling riff and bass-off supported by some huge pounding drums, with Steph’s voice powering through it.
They played an old track in The Cage, which featured some very Oasis-sounding chords, then a booming bassline gave way to a huge guitar solo – which is very much a prominent feature of the band.

A new song, which I think I deduced was called From Tongues, showed off drummer Josh Lock’s penchant for a bit of cowbell action, opening with a fast-paced riff then a big drum roll brought in a relatiyvely relaxed verse ahead of a big singalong chorus. A cool bass solo led into the second verse, followed by another huge solo then big chugging guitar chords closed the song out.
Next was latest single Face It, released last Friday, which opened with a cool guitar riff then a big opening verse that ended on a funky little riff that led into the chorus, which ended on a funky guitar chord blitz and it all repeated.
The high-energy continued with Biting at the Bit, which opened with a fun rocky intro then almost spoken vocals led into more drawn out vocals and ascending guitars. A cheeky bassline then drums joined in ahead of a big wah-wah solo, followed by big vocals then a big rockout to finish. Also, kudos to the band for the vocal reference to Jeremy Kyle in one of the pre-choruses.
They closed out with If Leaving Was An Option, which began with Steph hitting some huge high notes, then a big bass filler giving way to a big fast-paced wah-wah solo that ended their set on a fitting high note. It was a great way to open up the gig. - Gig Radar

"'Face It' Single Review"

Andover to London Rockers ONE LAST THRILL drop their brand new single ‘Face It’ which is out, well today, 2-2-18. Their three colours red bullish stop-start vitality is complemented with some frank and honest female vocals.
The singer isn’t trying to sound like your typical look at me, one size fits all front person. They let the words take centre stage rather than pushing the usual “oh woe is me”, I’m so strong in the face of whatever faux personal trouble is or is not happening. The look in the mirror to start change backbone to ‘Face It’ is refreshingly un-sanctimonious as is both the song and video. One Last Thrill has given us the starter, now when can we expect the main? - Original Rock

"'Face It' Single Review"

Hard rock is a genre that at one point almost seemed extint, that was until Undiscovered heroes One Last Thrill decided to bring it back to life!

“It’s based on things like, don’t judge a book by its cover, standing up for yourself and being a good person.” Reflects drummer, Josh Lock. ” It’s a fuck you to people who degrade you and about living in an area which isn’t the greatest, and at the same time pays homage to all of the people who make where you’re from great.” - Discovered Magazine

"'Face It' Single Review"

Andover’s smashingly steadfast rock outfit One Last Thrill kick off their year with single Face It on February 2nd, accompanied by a launch show at The Winchester Gate in Salisbury. The release is the first of a planned triptych of singles scheduled to crash down later in the year, culminating in their third EP.

Under the watchful eye of kind fortune, the track came to be as a result of a coin toss — how indebted we and the band are for this, as it is their most refined track to date. Where in prior offerings singer Steph Whitehead was punishing her vocal chords in attempts to trounce the shredding and thwacking of her cohorts, her tones are clear and crisp here, allowing for the moxie-laced lyrics to take the vanguard. ‘Talk down to us, we’ll just stand tall,’ carries the courageous essence of Eddie Vedder not only in spirit but in Whitehead’s growl too. Bassist Gareth Haskins’ rolling and rumbling rhythm echoes early 90s Jeff Ament, fanning the grunging fire of Pearl Jam even higher.

The optimism of the track marks a refresh for their sound too, hinting that a course has been charted to sail away from the hard-nosed swells of their past and into more accessible waters. Regardless of the new direction, their identity is still intact by way of guitarist Oscar Rees’ squealing solo, showing his ongoing affection for Slash, but it marks the winding down of the tune all too soon. It is a short and sweet little ditty, that most definitely does not outstay its welcome and leaves us salivating for what’s next. Successor single Empires Fall and their mysterious third track will hopefully follow on lickety-split. - Crash

"'Face It' Single Review"

Hailing originally from Andover, One Last Thrill have been going about their business ummm…well…not quietly by any stretch, but on the ‘down low’ as I’m fairly certain ‘the kids’ are calling it these days. Enough of my top notch understanding of outdated slang, this quartet have been simmering away but 2018 could be the year they come to the boil and new single ‘Face It’ is one bloody good reason for this.

The first single release since 2016’s ‘If Leaving Was An Option’ takes all the positives from that track and ramps them up. At just 2 and a half minutes it crams in soulful vocals, punchy drums and guitars and just about as much foot tapping, head nodding rock and concentrates it all into a track that by the time it finishes leaves you craving more, all while pleading to be turned up loud enough to wake the neighbour’s neighbours.

This is the first we’ve heard from the band for a couple of years and whilst that is sad, it’s good that they’re concentrating on putting out quality over quantity. With only a couple of dates announced for the year so far I would highly recommend getting on to the band and demanding they come and play near you! - Mind Noise Network

"'Face It' Single Review"

One Last Thrill have recently released a new single “Face It” on Hub Records. The four-piece released their debut self-titled EP in April 2013, which included their first single “I Wanna Dance”, a second EP followed in 2014 entitled “The Universe and Human Stupidity” and “If Leaving Was An Option” was digitally released in 2016. The band have been providing some thrilling performances across the region’s music venues building themselves a healthy live reputation.
At just 2 minutes 34 second “Face it” is a powerful shot of adrenaline fuelled rock featuring some well put together melodic guitar work coupled with a thundering pulse of solid rhythms coupled with the well-delivered vocals from Steph. The band have certainly capitalised on their previous experience from their first two recordings and have made something here that impresses while leaving you with the hunger to hear more. - Rock Regeneration

"One Last Thrill Interview with Original Rock"

We managed to catch up with the band as they talk about the upcoming single and more!

How pumped are you for the release of ‘Face It’?

We’re super pumped for this release, we’ve been sat on this track for over a year due to lack of funds and reasons out of our control, but we believe the wait will be worth it. We’ve got good vibes about this track!

Can you tell us something about the track nobody knows?

In the beginning ‘Face It’ may have not been a single at all, it was written about two weeks before we entered the studio along side another track called ‘Forked Tongues’. When we arrived at Sound Hub Studios we were set to record three tracks but couldn’t decide between ‘Face It’ or ‘Forked Tongues’ so it was all left to the flip of a coin and ‘Face It’ ended up becoming the third track. It was also the producers (Barrington Mole and Tom Carter) favourite out of the three and was decided to be the single.

Will you be releasing an EP or album this year?

We’re planning to release the two remaining tracks that were recorded along side ‘Face It’. One of those being a track called ‘Empires Fall’ which we are shooting the video for at the end of February but so far doesn’t have a release date.

How have the guys at Sound-Hub Records helped you guys?

Sound Hub Records have been fantastic, in the past we would have recorded a track and released it as soon as it was ready without putting any planning into it. Sound Hub have been guiding us prior to the release making sure everything has been ticked off before it reaches the listeners ears.

What’s the alternative rock scene like in Andover/London?

Obviously London is booming, rock bands playing left, right and centre. The alternative rock scene in Andover is brilliant, there is a real sense of community that dwells around the main venue that is The Rockhouse. Everyone is welcome regardless of genre, and there is always support for new up and coming bands that our still finding their feet.

If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Without a shadow of a doubt we’d love to work with the Lower Than Atlantis boys. They’ve been a massive influence on our writing just lately, I think their knowledge of the industry would be seriously beneficial to us.

Will you be touring at all this year?

We have a couple of shows coming up, we have the ‘Face It’ release show at The Winchester Gate Salisbury on the 2nd of Feb, we also have a gig supporting Divide and All Ears Avow at the 229 in London on the 12th of Feb. We’re planning a three dayer mid March as a warm up for a seven date tour at the beginning of April but these are still to be confirmed. So keep your eyes peeled!

If you could play at any venue in the world, where would it be and why?

Wembley Stadium….once you’ve played there what’s next?? - Original Rock

"The Universe And Human Stupidity EP Review"

One Last Thrill’s brand new EP, The Universe and Human Stupidity, will be coming to an MP3 near you and boy should you be excited! The first track of the EP, About Me, has one of the most unique introductions to a metal song. But holy shit that intro. My heart was pounding in the same way it would if architects had jumped on stage. Flawless, cinematic sound. The whole track-list has a great sound and the band have infused harmonies from lead singer Steph Whitehead, with vocals from Gareth Haskins, also on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. They have similar tones but different pitches making it sound really authentic and rock-y. Throughout, I was really impressed with the beats and riffs that make the band seem like they’ve been together forever and really give them a classic sound. There are times in the EP when I feel like we need to hear more of Steph’s vocal ability because she has a great tone that works so well with the instruments but this need is almost always fulfilled by Gareth’s harmonies. All the songs are upbeat and would definitely get you moving at a gig, but Steph’s lead vocals bring them down to earth to give a really enjoyable and relaxing sound. You could literally listen to this EP anywhere, it’s that diverse. Disguise is the last song on the track list and is just a really nice acoustic track infused with some country or western influences that, once again work beautifully with Steph’s voice but also provide a unique and enjoyable sound. What’s this though? A breakdown in an acoustic track. Wow, this band have gained a fan for life in me.

If you also enjoy the musical tone of bands like Architects and to a certain extent Lower Than Atlantis, but enjoy the slow and beautiful vocals of Evanesence, you will love One Last Thrill. This is an EP that gives all the signs of a band heading to stardom and I cannot wait to hear more from them! Good job guys. - AltCorner

"One Last Thrill Live At The Joiners Southampton"

Second act, One Last Thrill stepped unassumingly onto the stage, waiting for the sound man to turn off the recorded music. Hailing from Wiltshire, the five-piece instantly captured the crowd in the palm of their collective hand with the awesome “Biting At The Bit”. The applause grew with each of the seven songs that they belted out, and front woman Steph accepted it gracefully. She seems shy, but when she opens her mouth and your ears are caressed with that fabulous voice, you just know you’re looking at something special. With solid support from a couple of fans at the front who danced their way through the whole set, One Last Thrill delighted the growing audience; all competent and solid musicians, it’s always a pleasure when you go to a gig and a band like this surprise you. - Rock Regeneration


Still working on that hot first release.



One Last Thrill are a modern rock band based in Hampshire, writing and performing original music all over the country. Their unique sound consists of hard hitting guitar riffs, punchy drums, in your face bass lines and distinct vocal melodies.

They released their debut; self titled EP in April 2013, which included their first single ‘I Wanna Dance’ and a second EP followed in 2014 entitled 'The Universe and Human Stupidity', both have been gaining popularity ever since.

'If Leaving Was An Option' was digitally released in 2016 drawing more attention to the band and helped them secure support slots and headline positions at some of the UK's best small venues .

Their latest single 'Face it' was released February 2018 via Sound Hub Records and has been gaining radio and online media interest since it's release.


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