John Richard Lund

John Richard Lund

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

We are a dynamic, contemporary Christian band performing original material. Members have performed with Stan Kenton's Orchestra, Avalon and Jackson Berkey (of Mannheim Steamroller fame). Our musical selections include ballads, Latin rhythms, modern rock styles and lots of vocal harmonies.


What is unique about our band is that we are all close friends and many are family members. Our influences range from other contemporary Christian artists to blues, jazz, and rock artists such as Evanescence, Steely Dan, Santana and Chicago. Some members have formal musical training, but most developed their talent from a passion for music, people and God.


The LP CD "You Alone" (2007) is our first and only release; our second release will be in early to mid 2009.

Set List

We typically do a set of 10 - 15 originals and a handful of re-arranged covers, depending on the audience and the event. We have enough material for at least a two hour concert without repetition.