one accord ministry

one accord ministry


One accord can be descibed as a fusion of new age gospel and contemporary worship, smooth harmonies from a vocal trio with a 5 piece band that adds unique instrumentation by crossing genres but staying true to their gospel roots I assure you One accord is destined for greatness.


The ONE ACCORD MINISTRY was birthed out of Meredith Temple Church of God in Christ in 2007, O.A.M consists of eight anointed singers and musicians from Central Ohio with an age range of 16 to 25 years old. The members of One Accord are great friends as well as great musical talents, with the ability to write and produce their own original music this group is moving in the right direction to reach spiritual and musical success.


Currently in the studio working on our debut album.

Look for our promo Cd "Just the beginning"

Available December 2008

Set List

Our set list includes original music written by all the members of One Accord.

Our set list includes:

1. Rocks - uptempo and rock influenced

2. Letter to God- mid tempo half ballad/ half groove

3. Clap your hands- swing tempo and churchy

4. Worship medley- new age worship ballad