One After Another

One After Another

 Alameda, California, USA

Good time, sexy rock n roll. Hard, driving guitars, heavy bass, and dynamic drums. Music that makes you want to drink, fight, screw and do it all over again. The kind of music you feel sinking into your bones.


One After Another is a four piece hard rock n roll band. Brewed in the San Francisco Bay Area, our music is slowly reaching across the country. We come from 10 years of playing the scene in different bands to form a common good. The energy we emit from our amps can't be beat. It consumes you and brings you into our world of whiskey and debauchery. We bring the essential roots of rock n roll with our eclectic mix of influences into one massive sound.


Loose Lips Late Nights EP

Set List

- Foreplay
- Old No. 3
- Delusive
- Code Blue
- Loose Lips & Late Nights
- Time to Die
- The Aftertaste
- Pavement
- Get It

Some covers we throw in here and there:

- Feel Good Hit of the Summer (Queens of the Stone Age)
- Steppin' Stone (The Monkees)
- Encore at 1 am (The Subways)