One Aisle Over

One Aisle Over


Original songs blending many styles from piano driven ballads to up beat acoustic rock, lyrics with depth, sweet harmonies and tasteful arrangements.


Forged in friendship and a common passion for music with meaning, One Aisle Over is the culmination of much hard work and patience. Unwilling to settle for just any band, the members of One Aisle Over spent many years using their musical gifts in any way possible, always seeking that "special something" that they knew had to be out there. Seemingly by accident, they were brought together as friends first, only to discover that they were all seeking the very same thing. With the union of their individual talents, something much larger was created in One Aisle Over.

Since their initial musical collaboration in October of 2007, the members of One Aisle Over have added at least one new song to their repertoire for nearly every show, resulting in their current ability to easily put together uninterrupted 3-hour sets of music, the vast majority of which is original music written by Josh Lockhart and Naomi Hooley. This impressive volume of original music gives One Aisle Over the rare ability to custom-tailor their set lists to fit drastically different venues and audiences. Able to perform powerfully well in large outdoor spaces, intimate art galleries, and crowded bars, One Aisle Over strives to make a strong impression with each performance. From bouncy dance riffs to jazzy jam beats to soul-stirring ballads, their versatility reaches out to fans of many genres and unites all in one cohesive, sonically stunning package.

With numerous live performances throughout Alaska (including performances at the Alaska State Fair and the Southeast Alaska State Fair) in 2008 and the release of a live EP (Live @ UAS) in May of 2009, One Aisle Over has plans to finish their summer tour and shift their energies towards recording a full-length studio-album in 2009.


Live @ UAS - Ep from live performance 2-28-2009.

New studio album coming soon!

Set List

We do 1-3 sets of about 12 original songs each with a few covers.

Gypsy Soul
One Man Band
Come On
One of Those Days
Divine Mystery
We Hide
Long Summer Day
My Volkswagen
Alright Tonight
Dark Eyes
Little People
Sit Tight
Coffee Shop
When I'm Gone
You're the One
Long Winter Night
Only Human
Won't Keep Me From You
Maybe It's Right
Babylon, David Gray
Down Under, Men at Work
Bittersweet, Big Head Todd & the Monsters