One Armed Bandits

One Armed Bandits


We are a Reggae/Rock/Blues band that blend all three styles very well and make for a unique and interesting sound that you cannot help but groove to.


In their early high school years, Kyle Wintermantel, Anthony deFiore, and Jeremy Carlson created the band that is now known as the One Armed Bandits. During the spring of 2007, Reid Kelley joined the group as vocalist/trumpet player. The band continued to grow at an astonishing pace, and soon added former Johnny Duke & the Aces member Parrish Warrington on guitar/vocals. The band’s sound was almost, but not fully realized with the addition of a horn section (comprised of Ryan Adams on trombone, his twin brother Jacob Adams on alto sax and Tim Scullion on baritone sax) in November 2007. From the moment the group of musicians began to play together, they felt an immediate and intense musical connection; a musical connection so strong that all members began honing their particular craft in a way few Delaware bands have done before. In the winter of 2008, percussionist Mike Kerrane was added to the group to help solidify the thick, beat laden groove. OAB pride themselves on their extensive musical knowledge of not only their trademark rock ridden reggae funk, but also genres anywhere from jazz, latin and blues. OAB is also constantly booking, so do not hesitate to message the band about possible show dates. Hope to see you all at some upcoming shows!


Demo '08
1. Let Me Go
2. Closer

Set List

Let Me Go
Hopelessly Wandering
Make it Work

Message in a Bottle-the Police
Taking Chase as the Serpent Slithers - RX Bandits
Santeria - Sublime
Doin' Time - Sublime
My Girl - The Temptations
Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston
Why Can't We Be Friends - War
Cisco Kid - War
Lowrider - War
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley
One Love - Bob Marley