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"One Armed Bandits to play in Middletown this weekend"

They call themselves the One Armed Bandits, but they're musicians - not criminals.
The eight-man, soon to be nine-man band is bringing its rock-reggae plus jazz, funnk, and blues music to the Premier Centre for the Arts in Middletown on Sunday, March 30, at 7 pm.
Band members are Reid Kelley on trumpet and vocals, Parrish Warrington on guitar and vocals, Anthony deFiore on bass guitar, Jeremy Carlson on keyboards and percussion, Jake Adams on alto sax, Ryan Adams on trombone, Tim Scullion on bariton sax and Kyle Wintermantel on drums. (says trombone, but is drums)
Carlson said they plan to add MIke Kerrance on Djembe drums.
He said the band was founded two years ago, but it has gone through several lineup changes in the past year.
Scullion, Jake, and Ryan are all from Middletown and joined the band just a few months ago.
"They've done a bunch of configurations and they decided they wanted a horn section," Scullion said. "It's a reggae upbeat band with a bit of a blues feel. All of our songs are different."
Ryan said he and his twin brother Jake started playing instruments while they attended Middletown High School. They now are sophomores at the University of Delaware.
"I love everything about the band." he said. "One of my favorite parts is that we're all really good friends. I love the music we're playing. It's complex and groovy and a lot of people can get into it."
Warrington said this will be their first show in Middletown. They usually play battle of the bands events and benefits such as Rock Uganda, which benefits abandoned or orphaned children in Uganda. The event is put on by the Helping the Underprivileged Globally Club from the Charter School of Wilmington.
"Our main goal is to have a lot of fun making music," he said. "We want to have a good time and have the people who are listening to us have a good time. It's happy music to get you dancing."
Carlson said it's a task to fit the entire band on one stage, but they make do because the overall sound is what sets them apart.
"We want to play we like and make it in a way other will like it, too," he said. "We like to be unique."
Carlson said the band has really taken off since the new members were added.
"We are starting to know how each different member of the band will play," he said. "We can predict each other's moves and we know how to read each other. We come to mesh really well on stage and our personalities go together really well."
Scullion said they're excited to play in Middletown because they will be exposed to a new group of fans. The majority of their audiences come from where the other members go to school - Wilmington Charter, St. Mark's High School, and UD.
"It's something everyone can get into." Ryan said. "We're really energetic and I think people can really get into it."
Scullion said, "It's a great live experience, a great band. It's big, it's lively and it's great to dance to."
Tickets to see the One Armed Bandits at the Premier Centre for the Arts are $8 and can be purchased by calling 378-1384.
To check out some of the band's music, go to

- Middletown Transcript

""A Spotlight on Delware's Up and Coming Bands""

"A little a little soul a little soul come find me" lyrics from One Armed Bandits, the band with the most soul and funk of all. With heavy Ska and Reggae influences, the Bandits are taking DE by storm one show at a time. Although it may be early in the bands lifetime, their melodic sounds lift the spirit and make your body groove. It will be hard for anyone to not fall in love with this music. They are currently planning on recording a CD this summer, so keep a open ear and sharp eye out for the One Armed Bandits.
- The Artist District


Demo '08
1. Let Me Go
2. Closer



In their early high school years, Kyle Wintermantel, Anthony deFiore, and Jeremy Carlson created the band that is now known as the One Armed Bandits. During the spring of 2007, Reid Kelley joined the group as vocalist/trumpet player. The band continued to grow at an astonishing pace, and soon added former Johnny Duke & the Aces member Parrish Warrington on guitar/vocals. The band’s sound was almost, but not fully realized with the addition of a horn section (comprised of Ryan Adams on trombone, his twin brother Jacob Adams on alto sax and Tim Scullion on baritone sax) in November 2007. From the moment the group of musicians began to play together, they felt an immediate and intense musical connection; a musical connection so strong that all members began honing their particular craft in a way few Delaware bands have done before. In the winter of 2008, percussionist Mike Kerrane was added to the group to help solidify the thick, beat laden groove. OAB pride themselves on their extensive musical knowledge of not only their trademark rock ridden reggae funk, but also genres anywhere from jazz, latin and blues. OAB is also constantly booking, so do not hesitate to message the band about possible show dates. Hope to see you all at some upcoming shows!