Manchester, England, GBR


Their album provisionally titled Code-DeCode is currently due for completion in autumn 2011. Recorded at the Voodoo Suite Studio in Manchester, under the gentle persuasion of Producers Ben Husdan and Alexander Johnston. The first of the recording sessions in 2010 saw the release of their EP Trinary; Featuring; Build a Machine, Wide Open, Are You Saved and the delightful Sprung. These recordings demonstrated the bands early direction and thought process towards developing a rich, anthemic, heartfelt and thought provoking sound.

More recently we've been busy rustling away in the studio for a while and thought it'd be nice to share with you what we've been up to. One&aZero will be showcasing songs from 'Code-DeCode' through late 2011/ early 2012, where they aim to bring the emotion and drive from the recordings to the public. Newly released for 2011, Pretty Please and Code DeCode, further indicate the bands growing confidence to be able to produce music of high standing, plus their continued investment in developing their sound.

The songs will be available online, both on the website and Myspace pages. This is a band that promises to deliver on the live stage. Soaring melodies and vocals, woven guitar lines, all backed with solid, driving rhythm that can only be created with care, time and effort.

Hope you enjoy



Trinary EP - 2010
Wide Open, Are You Saved, Sprung.

Binary EP - 2010
Build a Machine, Where it all went wrong.

Code DeCode - 2011
Pretty Please, Code DeCode

Set List

1. Home Isnt Home
2. Code DeCode
3. New found land
4. Build a machine
5. Pretty Please
6. Let it go
7. Slowly Decay
8. Sprung
9. Blackened Beach
10. Alaskan Whale