One Blue Door

One Blue Door

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

This group, who label themselves as "Prairie Rock", has seen their stock within their local scene go up quickly, based on what they believe are key ideas: If they write music they enjoy playing, the audience will enjoy listening, and Harmonies make people sit up and take notice.


Like E.F. Hutton, when One Blue Door plays, people listen. This quintet from Winnipeg, Canada has seen their fan base growing by leaps and bounds, based around their music(featuring 3 and 4 part harmonies), catchy hooks, and an energetic live show that keeps the audience engaged. If you were to ask any of these five where they get their sound, they’ll tell you that it comes from the Prairies. Fitting, as they call themselves “Prairie Rock”, citing influences ranging from Blue Rodeo and Neil Young, to Wide Mouth Mason and Age of Electric.
This is definitely a band that needs to be seen twice – because they do shows both acoustic (with Kevin Cote, their drummer, on hand percussion), and Electric (with Cote behind a traditional kit). This makes them able to go from a rocking club show to a quieter house concert with little effort, and with no less energy.
The band is currently working on their debut release, with lead off single “Last Time(Untitled)” receiving radio airplay both in Winnipeg, and on CHES FM in the Greater Toronto Area.


Last Time (Untitled)

Written By: K.Thorsteinsson, E. Ewonchuk

Sometimes I wonder why you cry
There's something in the way you look as you're asleep
An ancient wives' tale lullaby
That I would sing to you along as darkness creeps

I can't express the way I feel
The secret loathing that appears when you are near
But even then your smile reveals
a sort of love in me you never fail to see

So when you look to me I cannot look away

And I can't hide my fears when I hear you say...

Why can't I share with you my heart?
Since I know that I want to spend my life with you
If you're not here I fall apart
and hide from ev'rything and feel just like a fool

When you return to me I simply want to die

'Cuz I don't understand all of the reasons why.

You make all of my pain completely melt away
When you're around the sun seems brighter ev'ry day
Wish I could show you but I find I'm too afraid...

You left me once again today
Promising you'll return to me some sunny day
Until then I can only wait
Wasting away the time and try'n to hide my hate

(End P.C.)
I hope you'll find the note I left under your door

And when they mention me, I hope you cry some more...

Love Me Then

Written By: k. Thorsteinsson, E. Ewonchuk

Verse one)
If I ask you a question
Will you answer straight?
‘cuz both you and I
Know we’re too old
For all the grade school games

I don’t want to say check yes or no
To find out what I need to know
From you when I ask you please

I have only been wond’rin
And I just need to hear

Will you have any feelings left
When you know me as well
As I know you?
Are you still going to feel like I do?

Can the love still shine in your eyes
If the waiting is too much to bear
Or will you walk out the door
And leave this all behind

Could you please just let me know
Will you love me then?

(verse 2)
This morning I turned
To see the look in your eyes
I found a love that shines so pure
I could not conceal my surprise

But when I ask you to say the words
Couldn't find your voice to tell
just as much as I plead

And while I know that you love me now
This is what I need to hear

Will you have any feelings left
When we’re trying to live as one
Are you still going to laugh if I act a fool

Will you still tell me I’m the one
If the passion seems to be gone
Or will you simply look away
Could you tell me I’m dying to hear
If you’ll still love me then?

And if this road that we travel down
Becomes to rocky to share
Will you tell me we’ll make it somehow
Or will I have to stand and wave
As you walk away?

Will you still have any feelings left
When you know me as well as I know you
And will you laugh when I’m acting like a fool?

Will the love still shine in your eyes
If my quirks are too much to bear
Will you love me just the same
Or will you walk away
And leave this all behind

Please tell me I need to know
Tell me darling, I’m dying to hear
If you’ll still love me then.


Untitled(Last Time) - receiving airplay on 92.9 Kick FM Winnipeg and CHES 88.1FM Erin, On.(Single)
4 Songs for $5 EP - Selling at shows.

Set List

Our typical set list can run anywhere between 30 min. and 2 1 hour sets, that include a mix of originals and covers. Our current single set list looks like this(Covers are indicated, with artist):

Black Bird
Numb (Cover - Holly McNarland)
The Only One (Cover - Melissa Etheridge)
Last Time
Baby Bleu
Hit Me Baby (Cover - Britney Spears/Travis)