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"Muted Magazine Features"

Q & A with One Bullet Resolution Singer: Jeremy King Guitar: Dallas Yellowfly Drummer: Colin Harris Bass: Jamie Hockin

Q: How did you become involved with this event? A: We weren’t here last year. Jamie used to jam with Chris. When he asked us, our reaction was ‘hell yeah.’

Q: How is your band doing? A: We’re on tour right now. Winnipeg is our last stop. We also have a CD in the works. Finally, we’re on our way to getting a website.

Q: How do you feel about music? A: It’s the most important thing. It’s more important than sleep.

Q: How often do you practice? A: We practice three to four times a week in a rented space.

Q: How do you feel about your day jobs? A: We don’t have very fascinating jobs - Muted Magazine

"Sound Opinion website"

Saturday’s concert at The Opera House benefited Sick Kids Hospital, so no one had an excuse not to attend... I showed up so late that I missed all but the last three bands.

Of the bands I saw, One Bullet Resolution (OBR) was the only one that I’d never heard before... I’m not sure exactly what subgenre OBR fall under, but they were heavy. They never sounded like straight-ahead metal, so maybe they would be considered alternative metal. They played with a hardcore punk energy, too, but I wouldn’t call them metalcore. Their musicianship was seriously impressive, with loads of licks and pummeling drums. They also worked well in coordination, with the whole band shifting from lighter passages to all-out percussive assaults. The vocals ranged from pinched-voice singing, to screaming, to low barks.

OBR’s singer is crazy on stage. He moved around constantly while getting into the music, performing with an arsenal of gestures. The amount of profanity he used between songs was kind of startling at a charity concert, but this wasn’t Massey Hall. -

"Top Metal Band of 2008"

One Bullet Resolution earned top spot as the #1 metal band of 2008. The December issue of Music Connection magazine featured the Top 25 New Artists of the Year. OBR took the number one spot in the Metal genre. This is the second feature OBR has had in Music Connection Magazine this year.

The band has made some great progress all before their debut album. - Music Connection Magazine

"Metal Edge Magazine"

"Vancouver-based rock/alternative/metal band One Bullet Resolution came together in 2007 with the goal of creating an innovative sound informed by the eclectic musical backgrounds of four individual musicians. According to lead vocalist Jeremy King, their influences include "blues, country, heavy metal, classics, and so much more." With such a bevy of influences, it's surprising that the message of their music isn't lost or jumbled. But what One Bullet Resolution emerges with is an amazing range.

One moment you're listening to a great vocal harmony and two seconds later you're rocking out to kickass metal, and it works. It's not choppy or awkward, but it certainly is original. According to the band, their fanbase is quite varied, but the metalhead crowd has taken the most avid interest in their shows and music.

For a relatively new band, One Bullet Resolution has toured extensively and with great success. They played shows throughout August and are now planning the completion of their debut album. Drummer Colin Harris says you can expect this album to "boot you in the head." King's interactions with fans, whether jumping off the stage or just feeding off the energy of the crowd, create an all-around great live show.

This is certainly not the last you'll be hearing of One Bullet Resolution—upon completion of their album, the boys will pack their bags and head to the U.S. for a West Coast tour. Can’t make it? Check out their MySpace page, featuring awesome songs, videos, pictures, bios, and the band's plans for the future."

September 9th, 2008 - Metal Edge Magazine

"Music Connection Magazine: New Music Critique"

"Metelers come roaring and show lots of skills all the way around. 'Jungle' is an arresting concoction: metal with funky untamed rhythms and group vocals that pack power. 'David' is a brooding song about murder and mayhem. 'Taking Back' is more of the same, a roiling revenge tale. While they traffic in gloom and doom, One Bullet Resolution also have lurking melodies and interesting harmonies in their tracks and the obtuse lyrics somehow suggest deliverance. Good strong band. Film/TV folks should try these tunes on." - Music Connection Magazine

"New Beginning album review"

"One Bullet Resolution has given the world of Independent Music a big giant bitch-slap with the release of their premiere album ‘New Beginning’. The album is a cocktail of many different genres of music that creates something unique and definitely waited for in the Indie music scene.

Tracks like David, Jungles and Parallel Universe give us a real life view into the creative machine that is OBR. Their music is gritty, diverse, playful and introspective without being indulgent and preachy. New Beginning will be the one and only platform One Bullet Resolution needs to hit the majors."

by Mike Huffman
Program Director
"Home of Music Independance" - Free

"Foley Entertainment - OBR Review"

"When I think of One Bullet Resolution, I think of passion, precision and power. This is a buzz-worthy group."

-- Eugene Foley / Foley Entertainment, Inc.

- Eugene Foley

"A&R Review of OBR"

Your music is indeed heart-felt and passionate. Your song "New Beginning" was a great surprise. You have a good vocals and It draws you in to listen more carefully. I like to hear power chords and your chemistry together is right on. It fills and builds up especially in "Parallel Universe". Your music is excellent and well produced. I like "David" especially at the beginning. Good energy and lyrics are relatable on that one. I am impressed that the band is so tight. That Is hard for me to say after listening to hundreds of bands who just don't have that. Your drummer is spot-on and really keeps everything together. This combination of performance, song structure and mix Is a winning combination Great job. Keep writing and performing.

Lorraine McCarthy,
A&R Manager,
LMM Entertainment NY
(June 2009) - Lorraine McCarthy A&R Manager, LMM Entertainment NY

"Best Kept Secret!"

"One Bullet Resolution...quite possibly the best kept secret in Western Canada

I had the privilege to hear OBR during their appearance in Kelowna during the Rockanagan Festival 09, they were a loud, proud and very tight band with amazing music. After seeing them live and listening to their EP release, I had to have them for my fund raiser this last January. After many emails between Dallas and other members of the OBR band, they agreed to come. As the night drew near I anticipated their playing because of what I had heard, and what was blaring out of my CD player in my car. They came and played MountainStock with all guitar riffs, drum beats, bass and vocals kicking all our faces. The crowd went nuts and wanted more but, we still had our headliner to go so, we had to cut them short of going all nite long.They appeared and played my fund raiser for nothing except a place to sleep, and their show lacked nothing including tempo. After the show I also found them as individuals to be very engaging and excited about the new album they were working on. Well here it is will not be disappointed!

Mountain Stock Festival 09
Program Director - MountainStock Festival Program Director

"Album Review"

Compare it to Mr. Bungle or maybe Korn with the heavy rap-rock lyrics flowing like rocks at an enemy, but One Bullet Resolution's anticipated New Beginning is out and ready to tear through cities. This is one album with all the ingredients to satisfy fans of music from heavy metal to alternative rock; a nonstop discourse through intense feeling and the strength to hold onto goals. Take this new beginning and run with it because this is what the future of breaking musical genres should sound like.

While the name of the band, One Bullet Resolution, may sound like a suicide solution of sorts, the album releases torrents of high energy which can only mean a feeling of hope. Reoccurring themes of holding on and "take my hand" collide forcibly with desperate cries of lost patience and inability to sleep. Hope stays in the harmony soothing angry and overwrought fans' sense of catharsis. The final letting go will be experienced at upcoming shows where fans can literally collide with each other pounding out aggression like the rhythms ask.

The title track, "New Beginning" starts with an industrial sound including layered samples calling, "embrace the tragedy". By the time the clear chorus comes around the lyrics, "It's too late for us, it's not worthwhile" leads into the rapped "stand up, participate, stand up, let's desecrate". In the middle of the song a breakdown occurs where the musical intensity lessens and harmonies claim, "it wasn't all so bad…" and the theme of a New Beginning returns like a tormented teen weighing the decisions to burn the world down or fight for freedom.

Featured tracks include, "Bandits", which seems to hone in on an angst-ridden feeling. Well-harmonized lyrics cascade over samples of laughter which call to the insecurities in each of us; that nagging voice warning us if we try to create something new and original it will be discarded as trash. The words speak about a need to stay high on stimulants from caffeine to cyanide, but the chorus rides a current of disquiet, "when you close your eyes I'm standing right on top of you" which speaks to generations looking for something new and heavy.

The vocal harmonies in "David" announce, "kill the messenger", musically sounding like so-called alternative bands. Parts bring Faith No More to mind, but this song echoes lines including, "…so tell me who I am/ You be the son of Christ I'll be the son of Sam". "David" live will bring one hell of a mosh pit.

"Built to Break" acts as one of the best tracks for angry, oppressed teens with building and breaking vocals and guitar riffs. The repeated chorus,
"So tell me what's your silence?
Self-turmoil loathed in violence?
My mind astray, I won't obey
If I'm a sheep then you're a tyrant
Impose my will straight above you
Do as I say not as I do
My last mistake, no more I can take
I was built to break you"
This type of song just screams to the inner self tired of stepping through the cracks on the line. It speaks to the souls of children calling out for freedom and respect. It will rock the pit.

New Beginning closes with a true ballad without fear of judgment. "Until I'm Gone" continues a tradition of acoustic type tracks. Turn this song up and sing along to pour that catharsis into the car or quiet house. The closing sentiments of "find the strength to carry on…and I will fight it until I'm gone" tie together the feeling that the ONE bullet resolution is not so much a literal bullet loaded in a gun for self destruction, but rather a sight set on one creative passion which will make or break its creator.

Written by,
Ellen Eldridge
Editor, Target Audience Magazine - Target Audience Magazine: Summer 09 Issue


"New Beginning" debut album.
Available now on Itunes,,,



One Bullet Resolution has created something to be loved or hated.

"I’m not sure exactly what subgenre OBR fall under, but they were heavy. They never sounded like straight-ahead metal, so maybe they would be considered alternative metal. They played with a hardcore punk energy too, but I wouldn’t call them metalcore. Their musicianship was seriously impressive, with loads of licks and pummeling drums...OBR’s singer is crazy on stage,” as stated on following OBR’s live performance in 2008 at the Opera House in Toronto.

“It’s been a blessing and a curse for us. We haven’t really ‘fit’ into one specific genre. That doesn’t make it easy, because while people dig our diversity, they don’t know where to put us. We’ll just carry on doing what ever the hell we do then”, says King, vocalist for OBR.

This past November, Metal Edge magazine, US #1 Metal Magazine wrote, "One Bullet Resolution emerges with an amazing moment you're listening to a great vocal harmony and two seconds later you're rocking out to kickass metal, and it works. It's not choppy or awkward, but it certainly is original."

Music Connection Magazine gave OBR top marks as the #1 metal band of 2008. Music Connection claims, "Metalers come roaring and show lots of skills all the way around". The December 2008 issue of Music Connection Magazine featured the Top 25 New Music Artists of the Year. OBR took earned top spot in the Metal genre.

“The message we have is really about change. Change in music, change in thinking, and knowing what to change. The crow, a symbolic figure all over the world, is on our album cover. It's a messenger of change.” claims Hockin, bass player for OBR. “You can’t change the world, but you can change yourself. Follow nothing and be that change. I live by that, and I want to be making music that way too,” adds Yellowfly, guitarist for OBR.

The upcoming release of their debut album titled, “New Beginning” is a step in a long line of accomplishments during the bands early years. Videos, tours, showcases, radio play, TV airplay, and features in multiple music magazines in the US, have all been a tremendous boost for the band. “This album will be like a boot to the head”, says Harris, drummer for OBR. The release of the album will mark the new beginning for the band, and a long list of work ahead of them. “Getting the album done has been our number one priority. It’s a lot of work to even get this far. But the real work is ahead of us getting this music out to people”, Harris adds.

The band’s origin was in 2007 when guitarist Yellowfly and drummer Harris, who had previously collaborated on another project, Joykamp, decided to establish a new band with a fresh sound. Already familiar with the vocal styles of the funk-metal project Str8jackit, who rehearse in the same studio, they immediately approached front man King with the opportunity to collaborate. King accepted and shortly thereafter chance delivered them bassist Jamie Hockin, whose versatility and musical personality proved to be the missing piece to complete the band.

Their debut album is a unique blend of all the member’s influences. Their combination of vocal harmonies, ranging from in-your-face metal lashings to their sweet, unique melodies; its ultra creative guitar licks; and funky and melodic bass lines breed the unique character defining it. These elements, cradled in the pocket of its driving drumbeats, blend to create a sound worthy of any listener. It’s rock to metal, funk to electronic, and even some acoustic tracks.