One Bullet Resolution

One Bullet Resolution


Hard rockin, psychotic psychedelia with a non fat side dish of metal. Just add Jagermeister and candles.


One Bullet Resolution has created something to be loved or hated.

"I’m not sure exactly what subgenre OBR fall under, but they were heavy. They never sounded like straight-ahead metal, so maybe they would be considered alternative metal. They played with a hardcore punk energy too, but I wouldn’t call them metalcore. Their musicianship was seriously impressive, with loads of licks and pummeling drums...OBR’s singer is crazy on stage,” as stated on following OBR’s live performance in 2008 at the Opera House in Toronto.

“It’s been a blessing and a curse for us. We haven’t really ‘fit’ into one specific genre. That doesn’t make it easy, because while people dig our diversity, they don’t know where to put us. We’ll just carry on doing what ever the hell we do then”, says King, vocalist for OBR.

This past November, Metal Edge magazine, US #1 Metal Magazine wrote, "One Bullet Resolution emerges with an amazing moment you're listening to a great vocal harmony and two seconds later you're rocking out to kickass metal, and it works. It's not choppy or awkward, but it certainly is original."

Music Connection Magazine gave OBR top marks as the #1 metal band of 2008. Music Connection claims, "Metalers come roaring and show lots of skills all the way around". The December 2008 issue of Music Connection Magazine featured the Top 25 New Music Artists of the Year. OBR took earned top spot in the Metal genre.

“The message we have is really about change. Change in music, change in thinking, and knowing what to change. The crow, a symbolic figure all over the world, is on our album cover. It's a messenger of change.” claims Hockin, bass player for OBR. “You can’t change the world, but you can change yourself. Follow nothing and be that change. I live by that, and I want to be making music that way too,” adds Yellowfly, guitarist for OBR.

The upcoming release of their debut album titled, “New Beginning” is a step in a long line of accomplishments during the bands early years. Videos, tours, showcases, radio play, TV airplay, and features in multiple music magazines in the US, have all been a tremendous boost for the band. “This album will be like a boot to the head”, says Harris, drummer for OBR. The release of the album will mark the new beginning for the band, and a long list of work ahead of them. “Getting the album done has been our number one priority. It’s a lot of work to even get this far. But the real work is ahead of us getting this music out to people”, Harris adds.

The band’s origin was in 2007 when guitarist Yellowfly and drummer Harris, who had previously collaborated on another project, Joykamp, decided to establish a new band with a fresh sound. Already familiar with the vocal styles of the funk-metal project Str8jackit, who rehearse in the same studio, they immediately approached front man King with the opportunity to collaborate. King accepted and shortly thereafter chance delivered them bassist Jamie Hockin, whose versatility and musical personality proved to be the missing piece to complete the band.

Their debut album is a unique blend of all the member’s influences. Their combination of vocal harmonies, ranging from in-your-face metal lashings to their sweet, unique melodies; its ultra creative guitar licks; and funky and melodic bass lines breed the unique character defining it. These elements, cradled in the pocket of its driving drumbeats, blend to create a sound worthy of any listener. It’s rock to metal, funk to electronic, and even some acoustic tracks.


Deep End

Written By: One Bullet Resolution

Lying is addiction. Hide behind forgiving walls.
No reality. You love its beckoning calls

How do you even sleep at nite?? How do you look in the mirror??
Doesn’t your skin crawl? Parasite so insincere

Where’s your salvation now?? Got you lined up in my sight, love when fate feels so right

No conscience, No penalty. Numb is the new generation.
Stimulus with no sense, Tuning outs the new meditation

For every action you achieve, You deflect all reaction
Should of studied the rule, Now I get my satisfaction

Bow down to your king. Watch what thou do

Taking Back

Written By: One Bullet Resolution

Alone in my room
Talking to myself, my vendetta
The only friend I ever knew
That had no hidden agenda

But I don't care what they say now it's time

I'm taking back what's mine again
You cannot keep it from me
I won't let you win

He walks the evil streets
Who was it that, broke his soul
Stole his life away
Now one selfless goal

And he don't care what you say now it's time

I'm taking back what's mine again
You cannot keep it from me
I won't let you win

Only one life to live,
Only so much to give
Alone in my room
Beside the smoking gun
Talking to myself, my vendetta


Written By: One Bullet Resolution

Kill the messenger, that's always the problem
Too busy pointing fingers, no time to solve them
The dark in your light
The thorn in your side

Kill all life, Its so achieving
Kill your right, No believing

You cannot go out at nite, becuz of who i am
If you're the son of christ, then I’m the son of Sam
Outsider programmed to kill, So tell me who i am?
You be the son of christ, I'll be the son of Sam

It’s true I will kill you

God couldn’t help me wanna find a way, today
Do his work with a 44 that I heard him say

Find your way, watch me take it
Blend in the herd, I can't fake it

I've lost my shine
There’s no more time

Life is so much better, Get into the other side
(So god damned divine)

Your wish will soon be granted


Written By: One Bullet Resolution

Back in the days, smokin purple haze lil' Jonny used to blaze cuz he knows crime pays
Got your smack, Got your snow, anytime he’s a go, hook It up anywhere if ya got the flow

I got the best product, narcotic you’ll be back again
Snort it in, pull the pin, now you’re about to go off with the black tooth grin

Actin out like a real true g, like Jonny Depp in that cocaine movie
Everyone gotta be what they gotta be, so don’t you dare say shit to me

So the money’s fine and so is the time life is worry free when you live on cloud nine

So you can do what you want to do
But you could never stop him if u wanted to

Slavin away every single day, with hate in your eyes but too damn pussy to say
Watch him fuck up your hood and its not all good put yourself in his shoes do you think you would??
Sell the smack, to get that fat stack, killing your people off to make you the mack??
Eyes open wide, but you got your pride just grinding your teeth your going to tan his hide

You kill my people I hope you know that I’m watching u
Sweet Jesus says that you’re a sinner a sinner a sinner

I’m a go for broke, the legal system a joke, tie the noose watch the motherfucker choke

So you can do what you want to do
But you could never stop me if you wanted to

I’ve cannot take this, I’ve lost all my patience

I'm gonna come and find you
and make you feel alright
I'm gonna come and find you
and take your life

Let Chaos Define, All that’s divine


Written By: One Bullet Resolution

Nailing him up now just watching him bleed
He died for all your sins so take all that you need
Stairway to heaven now you must go and please
Why are you standing there?
Do what I say! Why? Ur next in line to die
Get on your hands and knees and praise the sky

Oblivion around me

Filling your pockets declaring my shame
While you are raping me please remember my name
Let me give my life right over to you
The quicksand grips, sinking my reality
My whole world slips, watching my fatality
You woke up, choke up, lost all that’s true
Kiss the crucifix but never had a clue

It slipped away, I’d nail myself, I’m giving it all to you
There is no purpose for me now

Oblivion around me
It’s closing in around me

Heart race, anxiety never ends
Heart race, all consciousness fade to black
I have become so uncomfortably numb again
I’ve become so numb

It slips away, It’s so deceiving
It slipped away, It’s so deceiving

All these years I’ve fought for you
Now I’m left with nothing, lost all that’s true
All these promises, lest not forget,
Once full of life,
Now all I’ve got is regret

A Parallel Universe

Written By: One Bullet Resolution

A Parallel Universe

Last stop. There’s no turning back you’re in
Last stop. There’s no going back again

Take my hand, follow up the stream
To the forgotten land, lost in a dream
Forget all you know, u don’t need it anymore
Let it go, drifting off the shore

I can make it disappear, I can make it fly away
We’ll never live in fear, No matter what they say
We can now control the light, We can now have all we need
You don’t need to fight, If you follow my lead

Senses trick the mind, The mind tricks the inner being
Eyes trick the soul, into what it thinks its seeing
I’ll take you where? The only place to be
I won’t let you down, If you follow me

Let it go We don’t need them
Let it go Melt into me
Let it go Sweet serotonin
Let it go I’ll set u free

Imagine a life, where love rules the world
Imagine a life, sin can’t get you ahead
Imagine a life, where there’s no devastation
Imagine a life. Imagine a life.


Written By: One Bullet Resolution

When you close your eyes….

I’m steady looking down tippy toeing the high wire
Blink of an eye now I’m back into the fire maan’

It doesn’t matter cuz they will come for you

Caffeine, ketamine, codeine, cocaine and cyanide
Can’t be with myself, you know I gotta stay high maan’

I can’t sleep anymore. It’s in my head
They keep knocking at my door. It’s in my head

When you close your eyes, I’m standing right on top of you

No matter how hard I try they step right in
Here come the bandits

I can’t sleep anymore. It’s in my head
They keep knocking at my door. It’s in my head
Déjà vu every day of my life. Their in my head
My Id, it wants me dead, wants me dead.

Until I'm Gone

Written By: One Bullet Resolution

I’m alive from dusk till dawn
I see the same things all nite long
Don't know if I've lost my mind
Don't know if I’ve gone blind
All I know is that it's wrong

Tryin so hard just to find my way
But I'm losing it every day
All I've got is these memories
Dying each day like fallen leaves
In the heart of fall with those skies of grey

Find the strength to carry on
You always got me to depend upon
We don't have time on our side
But it's been one hell of a ride
And I will fight it until I'm gone

Still have my faith in you
Together we can pull it thru
Just another fork off the old beaten path
Don’t worry about the aftermath
Tomorrow we’ll see those skies of blue

New Beginning

Written By: One Bullet Resolution

Embrace the tragedy.

This is our last nite on this earth
It’s so confusing
I thought I’d like to see you hurt
Turns out it’s not so amusing

I never thought that it would actually come
You gotta be careful what you wish for
Thinking back to what I’ve actually done
I had so much more to live for

This is our last nite on this earth
At last, I should smile
I could of done so much more
It’s too late for us, it’s not worthwhile

Stand up, participate
Stand up let’s desecrate
The foundation, the belief’s from which we have evolved
Stand up, participate
Stand up let’s desecrate
No one wins but it’s finally resolved
We’re all god’s creatures
Claims your preachers
Human genocide, narcissistic pride, the day our world died

New Beginning

Tragic?? No this is destiny
You call this tragic? I call it destiny
This ain’t your tragedy, This is cleansing
This ain’t your tragedy, This is healing

It wasn’t all so bad, I loved the times we had
Good vs. evil, we’ve lost our people

In life, there’s select few
You know I’ll always miss you

It didn't have to be this way

Built 2 Break

Written By: One Bullet Resolution

Built To Break

Speak no evil

It’s got the best of me, lost in self parody
That it’s so plain to see, this conflict risin, it’s hidin’

Behind your clever disguise, right in front of your eyes
But I read all the lies, this panic risin’, no more hidin’

So tell me what’s your silence? Self turmoil loathed in violence?
Mind astray, I won’t obey, if I’m a sheep then you’re a tyrant
Impose my will straight above you, do what I say not as I do
My last mistake, no more I can take, I was built to break you

It’s written loud and clear, you’re only friend is your fear
Your demise is so near, no more saying, no more praying

The hatred deep within, boils over again
Dear god, this mortal sin, it’s done saying, no use praying

It’s been so long…..

Sweet revenge, my virtue


"New Beginning" debut album.
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Set List

The current set is 12 songs spanning 35-40 minutes. All songs are original material.