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"RageRockRadio Interview"

Check out Tim and Tom of One Bullet Solution, interviewed in the METAL CLASSROOM on RageRockRadio! -

"Boston Garage Bands Interview"

Steve and Tom were interviewed by Jeff Royds for Boston Garage Bands, check it out on the website at BostonGarageBands.Com -

"Up & Comers"

Bastard children of Thor, God of Thunder, One Bullet Solution have been storming their way into the Worcester music scene since their inception in early 2007. Their blend of melodic meets headbanger riffs compete only with their almighty, hair-raising vocals and commanding rhythm section to deliver a sound that is reminiscent of old school metal with a modern day makeover.
While the name One Bullet Solution may bring to mind visions of street fights and dark alleys, the true significance of the name digs a little deeper than that. According to the band, “The irony in the name is that we believe there is no ‘one bullet solution’ to any problem. No matter how easy it may seem, any and all issues have to be resolved through hard work and patience.” The same hard work and patience that they have applied to their lives they seem to have applied to their music, a perfect blend of speed and an intricate layering of sounds ~ not an easy feat!

The band ~ Steve Vitiello on vocals and guitar, Tom Rogers on drums, Josh Thompson on lead guitar and vocals and Tom DeAngeli on bass and vocals ~ all have deep roots in music but vastly different influences, a combination which lends itself to their songwriting process. The results of drawing from their backgrounds and personal experiences are quality songs that clearly illustrate their passion and diversity.

One Bullet Solution wants fans to walk away from their live show experiencing their pure energy. “Each song has its own feel and rhythm to it, giving people the opportunity to take away whatever they want from our show. We try to maintain a high energy level on stage through our stage presence and playing.” To date, the band has shared the stage with the likes of Nonpoint and Skindred, to name but a couple, but they cite their best performances as those where they share the stage with other local bands that are also fighting and clawing their way up the musical ladder. “The best bands that we have played with so far are the local bands. We’re talking about the guys who just breathe, sweat and bleed music, the guys that are working their asses off day in and day out to put on the best possible show for their fans.”

The band is heading into the studio in January, and fans can check out their single Needlepoint on their MySpace page. Caution: Neck brace required. - Pulse Magazine

"Up & Comers Graduates"

One Bullet Solution By Alex Kantarelis

Up and Comer's "Graduates" One Bullet Solution have continued tearing it up since they last graced the pages of this section. Aside from playing live everywhere in the area, the band, made up of Steve Vitiello on vocals and guitar, Tom Rogers on drums, Josh Thompson on lead guitar and new bassist Tim Khanian, released a 5 song EP of their signature melodic-metal sound.

Within those 5 songs, the band accomplishes what many bands attempt, but without sacrificing their hardcore roots. Think Killswitch Engage, but with more harmonizing melodic parts ~ and way catchier. Rogers describes their style as "pop metal." The 4-piece draws influences from a variety of different bands from the rock/hard rock genre. Everyone from Avenged Sevenfold to Rush can be heard in their style. "We definitely have quite a broad horizon," Rogers said.

The guys have spent the year playing as much as possible all over New England, and hope to branch out to New York soon. They released the EP in September, and have no plans of slowing down any time soon; they're currently taking some time off from shows to begin the writing process for their next record. Perfection comes at a price though, as they plan on not settling for mediocrity, and finding the right studio to capture their sound. This could take time, and according to Rogers, the new record will probably be coming out sometime in 2010.

It may seem like they'll be missing this winter, but they will surely be hard at work writing their new full-length. After the cold dark days of winter pass, they'll be back in full effect playing everywhere in the area.

While most bands just try to get things out as soon as possible, One Bullet Solution spends their time practicing and perfecting everything. Practice is almost a job for these guys, as they aim to make their songs flawless.

Don't sleep on this band. If you do, you'll be missing out on some of Worcester's hardest working guys keeping things honest, and best of all keeping things heavy. Check out OBS's last show of 2008 w/ Till We Die, Greycourt, and more at Tammany Hall on December 6.
- Pulse Magazine

"CD Review - Undying Ties"

"One Bullet Solution's latest offering, Undying Ties, is a clinic in progressive Mass metal musicianship, but with twist. Tempos are a tick slower, screamo vocals are rare, and the usual metal computer-precision rhythms are relaxed enough to allow a bit of groove. The varying styles of guitarists Josh Thompson and Steve Vitiello are effectually complimentary; they slam back-breaking crunches on "Needlepoint" and harmonize shredding leads on "Of the Essence." The vocals are sung in harmony, too: Vitiello takes the upper-range lead vocals and Thompson the lows on the chorus to "Last Time," a paranoia-drenched tale of lying sleepless with personal promises of no longer letting people "control the lies." Nothing is more metal than the lyrics in "Last Time," but acoustic guitars and compassionate vocals on "Sibilance" preview Vitiello's vulnerable side: "Even though I try to do the best I know is right/In the Midst, I leave myself behind." A softer side to metal, yes, but it still induces head bangs."

By David Boffa - Worcester Magazine

"Undying Ties - CD Review"

One Bullet Solution
Undying Ties (Independent)

by Matthew Hoffman
Staff Writer

"A colorful easel of genres spatted ever so lightly across their musical canvas" is the way the band's promotion eloquently describes the special offerings of One Bullet Solution.

As true as their P.R's description, One Bullet Solution is a unique band that seamlessly incorporates styles from several different metal and rock genres. Formed in December of 2006 in Worchester, Mass., their first release from late 2008 is entitled Undying Ties and features five well crafted cuts for every fan of rock and metal.

Besides having the multi-faceted musical talents the band has an intangible quality that is indecipherable yet extremely strong. Something about the music pulls you in and has you singing within a few minutes into the first song.

If forced to equate the music it would probably be early Green Day mixed together with modern day (post-Lynch) Dokken, with a pinch of Oasis. It is heavy in hooks, rife with melody, guitar rich and features numerous vocal styles.

The band is young and has much to learn but for a debut effort Undying Ties is tight and shows the band is mature beyond its years.

It's a fun jaunt through modern music and should be checked out by anyone that enjoys quality rock or heavy metal.

The band is also starting to go out on the road and can be seen in March 2009 opening for Taproot at several New England shows.
- HardRockHaven.Net


Recently completed a demo CD called "Undying Ties". Recording a new album in late 2009 for 2010 release.



Why are we called One Bullet Solution? What comes to mind when you think of a bullet? Pain maybe? Violence? Anguish? Suffering? Fear? Well, one thing we think of far too infrequently is "solution". Now, I know you are reading this going "What the hell does that mean"? Everyone is full of drama and over-exaggerating their problems to the point that we've created a problem. Plus, no one has, and most do not even want solutions. Well, this project is formed around the belief that there is no one bullet that can solve anything. Life takes work, honor, and discipline. Therefore to solve problems there needs to be less complaining and more solutions. Amidst this knowledge came four people with these same values which shine through in their music. It takes effort, strength, honor, and dedication to get anything accomplished, and this project proves this.

Formed in December of '06, these members came from diverse and well versed musical preojects. Projects that have had years of effort and struggle behind them, leaving these members the knowledge needed to form a fresh, well-honed group. Each member brings a different sound, style, and attitude to the music that makes it unique. These members have worked to shape the elements of music they love into a sound that displays their passions and their eagerness to learn and grow. So birthed One Bullet Solution.

The four founding members of this band came together sharing the same passion and love for music as one another, striving for the same goal of writing music that people will love and music that people will want to slam their heads to. The members are Steve, Tom, Josh, and Tim and each bring their own creativity to the bands set list. The music is composed of catchy riffs, solid rhythm, and powerful vocals. The core of the band is the genius writing duo that blends well with their two different styles. Steve, the more power, headbanging, break down specialist mixing with Josh, the shredding/sweeping master who writes the more melodic, complicated, odd timed riffs, is bound to create something for a crowd to move to. The backbone of the band is the rhythm section; that of which starts with Tim Khanoyan, longtime friend of the drummer. The two have colalborated to make a clockwork rhythm section look easy to play. Tom, the youngest member of the band, tries to bring his young energy to the show with strong and consistent beats, cleverly placed fills, and loud double-bass. Influences include Killswitch Engage, Rush, Shadows Fall, Lamb of God, Deftones, Avenged Sevenfold, As I Lay Dying, Korn, Mudvayne, Sublime, Godsmack, and Bury Your Dead.