One Click Corvette

One Click Corvette


One Click Corvette are an electronic act from Livingston, Scotland. Having been compared to the Chemical Bros, Orbital and The Crystal Method, we mix big beats, big bass and catchy melodies. Currently finishing our first self produced album, we will release this later on in the year.


Mark and Phil met at a Hondo Maclean gig in King Tuts Glasgow. Having both decided independently that they wanted to embark on an altogether different project than what either had been involved in previously, they got talking about the possibilities that lay ahead.

Originally to include Steve Walker on bass and to be hard dance/punk based, the act couldn’t quite find the time to get together and so in the meantime, Mark and Phil started work on their own material. As it was more evident that Steve had increasingly less time, the alternative act known as One Click Corvette became the focal point for both Mark and Phil’s creative output.

Positioned with not one particular sound in mind, One Click Corvette write each track as an entity in itself, bringing together a wide range of influences from many different genres. Completely self-produced and self sufficient, One Click Corvette’s work ranges from Ambient to Big Beat mixed with Electro, creating their distinctive sound.

Currently taking their music to live audiences around Scotland, One Click Corvette are looking forward to releasing their first CD later this year…


Mark has been involved in music since during high school, playing guitar with various metal acts, the most notable being Vanquish. Inspired by such guitarists as Buckethead, Joe Satriani and Diamond Darrell (RIP), Mark has played across the central belt of Scotland with Vanquish. After producing 3 of their own demos, the band split when the bassist and vocalist emigrated.

Having had many false starts with many different rock/metal/dance acts such as Bad Things Happen, Mark’s interest in electronic music has steadily grown over the years. Inspired by such acts as The Chemical Brothers, DJ Shadow, Lionrock and The Mad Capsule Markets, Mark purchased an MC-505 so that he could start a completely different kind of act altogether.

Mark currently produces all of the artwork for One Click Corvette using Adobe Photoshop and Xara 3D. Mark also updates the website using Flash and Dreamweaver to help keep the One Click Corvette online community alive.


Phil has been involved in music since leaving high school when he decided to study Music and Audio Engineering. His intention was to DJ and become a dance/electronic music artist/producer, being inspired by such acts as The Propellerheads, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Death In Vegas and Fatboy Slim.

Also having a love for metal music, Phil ended up forming Stoma, a Stirling based metal/emo act. Stoma played all over Scotland in venues such as King Tuts, The Cathouse and Studio 24 and recorded 3 EPs before the band split.

It was around this time that Phil joined Edinburgh based metal act Leechhate as vocalist and have so far played from Edinburgh to London. Phil produced the last 2 track CD and is currently producing a new 8 track effort with Leechhate.

Phil currently engineers and produces the music of One Click Corvette using Digidesign’s Pro-Tools. Phil has also learnt to use Ableton Live 6, enabling One Click Corvette to take their music to live audiences.

One Click Corvette have so far had their electro tinged track ‘Live Fast’ selected as a Hot Track. ‘Live Fast’ also reached number 16 in the Pulse Rated chart at the end of 2006.

They have also compiled a mix for Rob Bailey which was aired on his show on Pulserated Radio.

Their music has also been selected for use in a Free running video and for use in an amateur Corvette drag racing DVD to be released later this year. Details of both are to be confirmed.

The Your Sound event held at and run by King Tuts Wah Wah have previously selected OCC for appearance at their event on 3rd December 2006.


Regular play on - 'Live Fast', 'In Service', 'Taking Shape', 'Reliance', 'Without Reason'

Set List

'Taking Shape', 'Without Reason', 'Impetus', 'In Service', 'Start It', 'Darkest Days', 'Reliance', 'Smoke Screen'

Generally play for 1 hour but can play for longer/shorter as required.