One Day Reign

One Day Reign

 London, Kentucky, USA

O.D.R is a powerhouse rock group! Derived from influences and sounds from the past to the present from the unknown! Music from the heart, soul, and passion! We perform live with the same emotions! From beautiful harmonious sounds that will make you shed a tear, to chest caving ear shattering metal!


One Day Reign, formally known as Downcast. Formed by former Jacob's Anger guitarist Vai Johnson, Has set a new pace for music and musicians alike. Fueled by an outside view, And their different walks of life. They bring an overwhelming power and presences to the stage and their fans. With the make up of other members such as Jimmy "The Fluke" Smith, Teddy "Gunz" Swanson, Rodney "MEAT" Floyd and Cliff "Mopey" Garrison... set forth a melodically captivation with the lyrics that Speak of all aspects of life. As One Day Reign continues the quest for their rightful place at the top of the music industry, they are still doing all that they can to give back to everyone. Standing By the motto “We the People for the People” They continue to hold raffles to raise money to help those in need, While working with many different organizations such as U.S.A Cares. As of this date we are currently working on our album "We The People" and preparing for the stage once again!


Singles Released- 2010
-Four Year Fall
-Self Serving System
-All The Kings Horses

Set List

Feed Me
Four Year Fall
Tare Me Down
Eye Of The Beholder
Self Serving System
King Of Stone
Freight Train From Hell
Never Say
All The Kings
How Can I