One Day Rising

One Day Rising

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

One Day Rising is an energetic band delivering a sound that stems from many lines of musical backgrounds. The influences that have inspired this band, come out in their music with a lot of passion that delivers a very soulful sound.


ONE DAY RISING is a band constructed of young and old musicians with a diverse background and a common love for music. The band was formed by Matt Kirlin, Mike Burger and Jake Boone in 2009 out of Louisville, KY with a very unique style incorporating variety of different back grounds in music. This acoustic rock band involves the influences of blues, jazz, alternative, funk, reggae, classic rock, and others into the style and sound they portray in their music. Matt and Mike started playing as an acoustic duo in 2008 playing an assortment of cover material and original music. In 2009 Jake Boone was a welcome addition to the band with a fantastic percussion sound and it has been ONE DAY RISING ever since

ONE DAY RISING is planning to have their first studio album released within the next year and is excited to have the opportunity to record this album local to the surrounding area. The band will also be working on a soundtrack for a documentary about a young mans journey through life consisting of all original music. Be on the look out for updates and definitive dates when these projects are going to come out.

ONE DAY RISING is always looking for new opportunities. Stay tuned and keep on the look out for the release dates and upcoming events.

"Let it all soak deep down inside your soul....".....ONE DAY RISING