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One Finger Grip

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Jeckyl & Hyde - Showcased on 97.3 in Cincinnati
A One Hour Guest Appearance on 94.9 "The Sound"



The roots of One Finger Grip go back to the summer of 2002. Guitar player Bryan Smith and I came together with the common bond of making music and looking to try something fresh and energetic. We started the search for a drummer. We met Dave Blackwell and immediately we could tell that Dave had the phenomenal sense of rhythm we were looking for.
After Bryan made a switch to the bass, the pieces began to fall in place quickly. Longtime friend of Dave, Thomas Owens stepped in to fill the lead vocals and really set the tone for our sound. Tommy was known around town for his skill as a lyricist and was heavily hip hop influenced, but he loved our energy and thought he could bring something different to the table for us. He surprised us with his polished singing voice and thunderous screams along with his dedication from the start to be a part of this band and that made it an easy choice for us.
We decided to add a second guitarist, Mike Crockett, who came in and brought with him guitar ideas that expanded and pushed the limits of the variety of influences that our band already contained. Along with that, he brought experience and reliability from his past bands that we knew would make him a solid part of the band. It’s the first time I’ve been with a group of guys where every time we added a piece we all knew instantly that it was a perfect fit. Mike was in and we had our lineup as it stands today.
Two and a half years later, a demo, a 100+ shows including being local headliners for Powerman 5000, Black Market Hero (former Flaw and 40 Below Summer) and Halo of Locusts (Lamb of God singer, Randy Blythe’s side project) we find ourselves wanting more. We find ourselves looking to push every possible boundary, musically and emotionally, to write music that can inspire people and get people moving from head to toe.
We’ve built a solid foundation with a local fan base and we’re looking for the opportunity to multiply it. As you walk past the doors of the clubs we inhabit in Cincinnati, you can hear the echoes of the crowd chanting our songs with us. We love our fans and in return they are as loyal as we could ever ask. As our confidence grows with our fan base always expanding, we’re reminded that this is all done for the music and for our fans and friends. Without them we would just be five regular guys.
We’re humbled by the loyalty of those who support us, the opportunities we’ve had and are always aware of the hard work that it took to get to this point, and the hard work it will take to get us into the upper echelon. We welcome the challenge and think we have what it takes to get to the next level and the drive to accomplish it. We just need the vehicle to help get us there. One Finger Grip has arrived.