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The best kept secret in music


What do they sound like?

To place the band in a time and place, you would have to mention Eddie Vedder and the huge mid-tempo chords of the seattle grunge scene, but youd also have to mention the more kooky vocal strains of Jane's Addiction and the lasciviousness of Skid Row's Sebastian Bach. A perfect blend of heaviness, melodystyle,substance; brains, balls; skill, and energy. Like a sucker punch to a glassjaw.

Who's in the Band?

Jack Abraham (vocals)
Ben main(guitars,vocals)
Alex patten(bass,vocals

Where are they from?

London, UK.

The story so far:

The beginnings of this band are your average story of love/hate, with Jack first seein Ben playing a rock medley at a school concert, thinking "what balls" and that he had a lot of patches on his leather jacket. Jack then Hated Ben for about four years, only to later to become school skipping friends when starting their band, One Flew Over. In 2004 they began in earnest with a fixed line up and started giggin further and further afield from their locale of Hornsey in North London.

Current Release:

The eponymous demo is available through their Myspace page... - Metal Hammer

The delightfully named One Flew Over took to the stage led by Sideshow Bob's hair-twin. This photogenic four-piece (five if you count the hair as a separate band member) rock band from London come complete with a set of wind chimes, girlie groupies and a drummer who can't keep his trousers up.

The set started with a promising crash of cymbals and a foreboding riff, and within seconds they established themselves as intense rockers. The first few songs had all the frantic energy of the Chilis' "Give It Away" but other songs showed a softer, more composed side à la Lost Prophets.

The lead singer (Sideshow Bob) swayed like a reed in the wind or writhed on the floor in a frenzy depending on what each song dictated. The lead guitarist proved that the most diminutive of blokes is capable of producing massive riffs that can make a guitar vibrate and a foot pedal launch into space. The bass player provided harmonies so superb he should be made joint vocalist, complemented with the most exquisite facial expressions I've ever seen - god I love being close to the front at gigs, makes a nice change from staring at the backs of people's heads all night!

In this fun, satisfying set, each track had many carefully crafted musical layers that were perfectly implemented; One Flew Over have polish, timing and style. They ended the set with the traditional 'gathering around the drummer to raaawk out'. The crowd were head banging and the endorphins were racing.

- The Mag


Atmospheric Tummult(airplay)


Feeling a bit camera shy


One Flew Over's powerful sound and raw edge vibrate to the core of the most electrifying rock tradition.
These four 20-year-old Londoners have it all: a savage creativity sparked by the explosive partnership of singer Jack Abraham and guitarist Ben Main, playing off each other alongside the tight rhythm section of bassist Alex Patten and drummer Paul-Luc Gifford.
One Flew Over are building up a fanatical following in London, playing blistering sets to an awed reception. But their shocking live energy is underpinned by an obsessive work ethic, honed in their studio recording and production experience.