One For Sorrow

One For Sorrow


Injections of rock/metal fused with up-beat melodic harmonies. Sets containing epic six minute rock anthems. An enhanced and unique band set on fire by their music.. hell bent on creating their own style of metal music. Hell yeah!


One for Sorrow hail from Wexford, a small town in the south east of Ireland, and began as a two piece idea. Drummer Paudie and lead guitarist John started dabbling with metal music way back in the early 90's. After a lot of practice and dedication they formed their first line up soon after. Following some gigs and some local success, line-up changes proposed themselves and new recruits Graham (bass) and James (guitar) were added to the live show. Through lots of fresh rehersals the five-piece had a vision.

Still intent on finding their feet the band locked themselves away and stuck to their roots of rock and metal, and by injecting this rock/metal and fusing it with up-beat melodic harmonies and brave musical structures the band's own true sound was discovered.

To date, the band has united the most dedicated group of people in playing the music they want to play. Constant gigging, rehersals, recording and self promotion have created a lot of hype around this band in the past year or so. Things just seem to go from strength to strength.

Influences range from Johnny Cash, The Beatles right through to rock greats Megadeth, Iron Maiden, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, there’s even some 80's stuff in there too, which mixes to create a unique sound.


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Streaming tracks available at: -

1.worse than the devil of the dead it ends
4.666th gear
5.fear of fate

air play on local radio stations: it ends
2.fear of fate of the dead

Set List

Usual set is between 45 - 60 mins long
Typical set list contains these songs:
1worse than the devil of the dead
3.nothing to me
4.fear of fate
5.souls apart
6.666th gear it ends

this is our repertoire of original songs
1.dark days
3.rain of the dead
5.souls apart
6.nothing to me
7.tie that binds
8.remembering pain
9.77 campout season
12.666th gear
13.blood on your hands
14.worse than the devil
16.fear of fate it ends
19.taking its toll