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The best kept secret in music


"One Hand Free- Debut Album Review"

One Hand Free exhibits strong songwriting and arranging skills on their new self-titled 10-song album. Advanced musicianship is evident as singer-keyboardist Andrew Blowen, bassist Geoff Taylor, guitarist Basil Clarke and drummer Kelly Bower along with special guests Josh DiJoseph on guitars and Lauren Wool on backing vocals deliver some well-crafted rock numbers with a heavy influence in jazz and classical chordal arranging.
The band is adventurous and tight as they snake their way musically through these songs with adept prowess. Andrew Blowen’s vocals are stellar; powerful and dark and a perfect vehicle for these songs.
Superb cuts that sometimes remind you of Deep Purple and Living Colour include “Come On Strong,” “I Told You,” and “Devil’s Tongue.”
Douglas Sloan, Metronome Magazine

(It should be noted that Basil Clarke is no longer with the band and that Josh DiJoseph, while always a “special guest” in our hearts, is the permanent guitarist in One Hand Free)
- Metronome Magazine

"70's Rockers, rejoice!"

”70’s rockers rejoice! These guys are great. They have a very definite sense of who they are and what their sound is. There are some kickin’ Government Mule-esque songs, for those that need to cut loose and for the more ballad type will get your fix as well. The musicianship is awesome and the band is really tight. I especially like Tracks (4 5 and 7) for their cool guitar licks, good rhythmic changes and melodic sensibilities.” -

"The Wire"

“What do the Amorphous Band and local rock and blues outfit One Hand Free have in common? Josh DiJoseph. Guitarist DiJoseph engineered both discs and has since joined One Hand Free as a permanent member to replace Basil Clarke. On their new self-titled release by Austin, Texas, label Halt Music, singer Andrew Blowen really ramps up that ‘70s scratchy wail a la Allman Brothers or Deep Purple. The music is beefy and holds up to Blowen’s vocal power with good grooves and solid musicianship. The band is gigging across the Northeast with shows locally and down to New York City.” - The Wire Magazine


"One Hand Free" Self-titled debut LP, Halt Music Co.
"Do You Hear What I Hear?" Mojo Music Studios Christmas Compilation
Juxtamusician, Halt Music Company Compilation
The Wire Radio Compilation
"PROOF 2" The Best of New England's Independant Music
Self titled, self released EP
Debut album is currently getting airplay on radio stations across the US and in Europe, both commercial and college in addition to internet radio stations worldwide.


Feeling a bit camera shy


“You can tell what is and what isn’t rock & roll . To be the real thing, a song has to have an awareness of rock history. It has to have the beat, that undulating rhythm. Even while it feels like history, it has to say something new. And most important, it has to have crammed into it all the poignancy and excitement of youth, because that’s what it’s really all about.”

Pete Townshend

Mixing elements of hard rock, soul and 70s grit, One Hand Free is making an impact. Emotionally charged vocals, soaring guitars, the grind of the Hammond organ, and a rock solid rhythm section fuse, creating a powerful and undeniable appeal.
As a recent slew of shows in New York City and across the Northeast has shown, One Hand Free can not only keep up with the best live bands the region has to offer, they are among them. Certainly, while their sound is reminiscent of bands their parents likely listened to, they ultimately bring something current to the table. In the words of one NYC rock club owner, “They’re like the Allman Brothers…but new!”
One Hand Free is following a tradition that is encountered less and less in mainstream music nowadays. They’re emotionally invested. They understand the meaning of the word show. It’s not just about playing the songs; it’s about making a connection. One word gets repeated time and time again in reference to their performances. The word is passion. It’s this enduring quality that makes One Hand Free so captivating, and, ultimately, ensures their success in an increasingly jaded industry. Go see One Hand Free live, and the source of their charm becomes apparent. They love what they’re doing and they want, more than anything, for you to be part of the action.
Their self-titled debut album has been released by the Halt Music Company label, based in Austin, Texas ( It has already generated a great deal of interest both regionally and nationally, and album sales reflect this. From the opening punch of Now You Know and the heartfelt sway of Days, to the cheeky bravado of School, this album will grab you by the lapels and give you a stern talking-to…………..and you’ll love every minute.