One Hand Free

One Hand Free

 Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

One Hand Free is everything you want and expect from a real rock band. They are the genuine article. They display the perfect blend of showmanship and sincerity, conjuring notions of both the gutter and the grandiose.


“One Hand Free's new disc "Quadraphonic" brings the listener back to the days of Pontiac Firebirds, tight jeans, tie-dye, and long hair with a style reminiscent of Foghat, Golden Earring, and Chicago.” SPOTLIGHT MAGAZINE

New England based One Hand Free continues their Rock and Roll crusade with the long awaited follow-up to their acclaimed 2004 self titled debut. “Quadraphonic” is a call to arms, commanding the listener’s attention from the opening riff of “King by now” to the cacophonous yet hauntingly beautiful “Stumble”.

Masterfully engineered by guitarist, Josh DiJoseph, “Quadraphonic” was delivered to Studio G Brooklyn and placed in the able and adventurous hands of mix-guru Joel Hamilton (Tom Waits, Mike Patton, Soulive, Dixie Witch, Dub Trio), and subsequently mastered by Grammy winner, Jay Frigoletto (War, Fu Manchu, Alice in Chains, INXS, Rhino Records).
While firmly rooted in classic and southern rock, One Hand Free puts their love of classic soul, R&B and funk on display with echoes of The Isley Brothers, Tower of Power and Stevie Wonder. This is most evident in “Badway”, a long time staple of OHF’s live performances, represented here in all its funk-rock glory.

The title "Quadraphonic", is a nod to One Hand Free's belief that its members are but four facets of a sharp and gleaming sonic stone, as well as a multi layered reference meant to summon spirits of a time when Rock and Roll albums were unified, and unifying works of both art and energy, a synergy of creativity and commerce, and a breeding ground of communication and connection.

The members of One Hand Free effortlessly connect and communicate with each other, the result of years of working together toward a common goal and a mutual respect and admiration for one another’s undeniable talents. What’s even more remarkable is the connection to their fans, both old and new, from Munich to Moscow to Malden, Mass., who stand united amidst all the glory and grime inherent in the home grown, hand rolled, original Rock and Roll of One Hand Free.

One Hand Free has headlined shows throughout the Northeastern US, and have had the pleasure of sharing stages with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Will Dailey, Eddie Money, members of the Allman Brothers Band, Godsmack, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Outlaws, and The J. Geils Band.


Official Releases:

"One Hand Free" (self titled debut LP) 2004 Halt Music Company
"Quadraphonic" LP 2008 Thundertrauzer Enterprises
"Sly" Single 2009 Thundertrauzer Enterprises
"Mangrove / Slipstream" Digital 45 2010 Thundertrauzer Enterprises
"Sweetbreads" EP 2011 Thundertrauzer Enterprises


"Do you hear what I hear?" Mojo Music Studio Christmas Compilation 2004
"The Wire" Compilation 2005
"Juxtamusician" 2005 Halt Music Compilation

One Hand Free has received airplay on well over 100 radio stations both traditional and internet, mainsteam and college stations in The US, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, England, Austria, Belgium and more.

Set List

Our typical sets are anywhere from 30-45 minutes when sharing a bill to 2 hours+ (with a set break) for a headlining show. Sets are 90-100% original material.