One Hand Loves the Other

One Hand Loves the Other


Drawing inspiration from Bjork, Yann Tiersen, Autechre, and Nina Simone (among others), this classically-infused electro-pop quartet blends modern pop sensibilities with classical compositions to create music that even the most discerning and diverse audiences adore.


So many different backgrounds mashed together and then squeezed into a slightly pulpy, somewhat synthetic, though unequivocally organic delight. Originally a hair-brained idea of vocalist, Lou Rodriguez, in the winter of 2003, ::One Hand Loves the Other:: took years to assemble. However, it was not until the fall of 2006 when old members left to pursue other endeavors that Lou and Nancy were left with no other choice but to wait patiently. Naturally yet quickly, Mikey and Mary came into the hands of OHLtO, and the passionate four-piece group began to develop a new sound for their debut album. This final formation blends electro-indie beats with classical arrangements, provided by a multitude of orchestral instruments, and soulful, original vocals.

Lou, the lyricist and voice, emerged from a background inspired by blues and soul artists of the twentieth century female persuasion. Nancy, the instrumental composer and fingers of the keyboard-synths and flute, blossomed out from classical piano and flute instruction. Mikey, the electronics engineer and composer, came from the pits of electronic haze with a clear idea of the ability to merge the organic and synthetic. Lastly, Mary, the cellist extraordinaire, picked up the bow of the cello. She can make like the dickens on the strings. You've gotta love a red headed cellist.

All from different places, all on different paths, but all with the same yearning to create music. It's an amalgamation of sorts I'd say. Some may say a quixotic one, though ::OHLtO:: would probably take that as a compliment.


Burden of Barnacles

Written By: L.Rodriguez, N.Shim, M.Johnson, T.Tzen

Glorified as if you were to save me
Flitter lids
Innards of babies

Suddenly I find out
Inner seas are in drought

Inner me
Inner sea

I say it's over

Suddenly I see the sea
The sea I see

Plausible pausing of an unfinished nation
Pittance for pennies
Permanent isolation

Nymph is me I know now
No, to you I won't bow

I say it's over


Written By: L.Rodriguez, N.Shim, M.Johnson, T.Tzen

I slip I stumble
Where's your hand?
My slight condition sinks the sand
The tortoise racing need not comply
His shell is safety
So am I

Running cross the stream
Raising water sings

Solidifying on the tide
The rapids raging
Life abide
Undoing is my crime
The bastard in me swallows time

Coral aching now
Nothing in me now
Sundown ripping now
Shell is empty

Don't Know

Written By: L.Rodriguez, N.Shim, M.Johnson, T.Tzen

Don't know what to say
I've tendencies to see grey on a brighter day
Then there's you
Now I feel like I should

Don't know (don't know) what's next
Don't know (don't know) but I'll figure out the rest
My walls (my walls), they seem brighter
My thoughts (my thoughts), they seem lighter

Complications evaporation
Subtle stasis is all encased in you
Subliminal lift the weights off my chains
no more days where i dream in blue

Modern marvels slip to startle the hooks in me line sinker with candy from lips i lick from you condensation from the sweet sweat sex i wanna bottle to store in houses far from the trains i

Don't know solitude
Kings have tried to fill the void i filled with you
I see the words
but i can't pronounce
It's the vapor on your skin
the tongue in my mouth

Don't know if I care
Sprint to finish
Climb to win it
We're there
I used to be
just not enough

Just not enough...

Should I go?
No words for feel
Stammer in my catacomb
Skin is real

I know fortitude
Thought I'd die alone
But it'd be better with you

Petey Penance

Written By: L.Rodriguez, N.Shim, M.Johnson, T.Tzen

On my way to Old Glory
I discovered good intentions
Save for the head that I bashed
Pumping the gas in Memphis

Down the path that I roam
I smelled the streams of veins a'leakin'
Oh she was good in the sack
Especially while she was screaming

Darling can't you see
What I'll be
Don't think I can't find you

I can't take it back
I don't wanna
So sad when the big boys cry
When they die
I don't start what I can't finish
I can win it
A mouth full of lies
It's you I despise

As I saw the announcer singing praises out of rehab
I took it in stride
Knowing inside he would die there

Sadly it wasn't known
That the corpse was but a dreamer
Oh grasping at straws
Trying to prove he was sober

Sire, can't you see?
What I dream
Don't think I can't find you

I can't take it back
I don't wanna
So sad when the big boys cry
When they die
I don't start what I can't finish
I can win it
A mouth full of lies
It's you I despise

Blessed Introduction

Written By: L.Rodriguez, N.Shim, M.Johnson, T.Tzen

It's not understanding I have sought
When you move in unfamiliar ways
The tension is a benefit to everything

Forget the trials, truths, and the trilogies
Cause they're all just cuts to bleed
It's only you that I'm visioning
Come lie with me

Pleased to see you're well
It's time I open my hand to shake
Your eyes seem to have a clue in me
But blessed introductions amaze me


2007 - One Hand Loves the Other
2008 - One Hand Loves the Remix

Set List

30 minutes - 1 hour

1. First Place
2. Don't Know
3. Burden of Barnacles
4. Two Not Three
5. Tortoise
6. Shift
7. Petey Penance
8. Rubbernecker Nightingale
9. Blessed Introduction