One hand on the bottle

One hand on the bottle


We're a weird amalgam of different strains of music filtered through rock, from metal to country to punk to jazz to ska to God knows what! If we could think of a name for it, we would...


We started in 2005 as a three-piece and started to figure out how the hell we could combine a love of Stevie Wonder with a love of Emperor. Naturally, this had us stuck for a while and as our 'loves' began to take in country/blugrass, folk, blues, funk and jazz, it all started to mesh into one glorious mess of genres. Which is where we find ourselves today, ladies and gentlemen.


We are just finishing our debut album at the moment so we'll have tracks out soon!

Set List

Our sets are usually around the hour mark, or depending on how long we have to play. We usually leave two songs at the end for an encore.
Set list:
The Ghost of Ted Rivers
Drag the Lake
Jazz Cats
I'd a friend
Abbey Street Burnout
New York City Boy
Find me at the bottom of the glass