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Hip hop to the fullest, One Hood brings every element to the music. No two members sound the same and each member brings their own individual style to represent one unit, "One Hood".


One Hood has a sound of it's own. No two members sound the same, which brings a mixture of different styles to one group. The group's influences range from solo m.c.'s such as Rakim, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, Tupac and Common, just to name a few. Group influences include N.W.A., E.P.M.D., Outkast, Run DMC and the Wu-Tang Clan, again, just to name a few. V-N.Y.S.E is originally from the Bronx, NY while Te'Mo, O-Zone and J are from Columbus, OH. Which explains just one of the reasons you will get so much style from just one group.
One Hood stands out from other groups with their unique style that each M.C. carries. On just their first CD, ONE HOOD VOL 1: O-H-10, you hear everything from conscience to gangsta. With club joints and more serious concepts, One Hood strives to reach every angle of Hip Hop. One Hood has performed in several local venues. Te'Mo and Dynamik host Hip Hop night every Wednesday at Oldfields on High, located at 2590 N. High st in Columbus, Ohio.
Members Te'Mo and Dynamik just completed their colabration, One Hood Productions presents...Te'Mo ft. Dynamik, currently released under One Hood Productions.
One Hood can be heard at Just like other influential groups, once One Hood enters the game, it will never be the same.


One Hood Vol 1: O-H-10, One Hood Productions 2006
One Hood Productions Presents...Te'Mo ft. Dynamik, One Hood Productions 2006

Set List

1. The Vice
2. Welcome 2 One Hood
3. Just Bounce
4. Dreams
5. Take One

Set usually averages 25-30 minutes.