One Hundred and Six Strings

One Hundred and Six Strings


An exciting collaboration between Guitar and Santoor, using harmony, syncopation, composition, and improvisation rooted in Indian Classical Music.


Two individuals. Two instruments. One hundred and six strings; strummed, hammered and interwoven.

This is where mind and metal entwine to create a dynamic experience within the ancient Indian classical frame. This exciting collaboration explores an innovative path; it is rising, falling, harmonising and syncopating, anchored by devotion and driven by imagination; breathing new life into a proud and vast tradition.

Kamaljeet Ahluwalia on Santoor (disciple of Pt Shivkumar Sharma) and Giuliano Modarelli on Guitar (disciple of Pt Buddadev Das Gupta) possess a tremendous passion and precision for their craft; a unique sound and bold attitude towards composition and improvisation.