One Inch Punch

One Inch Punch

 San Diego, California, USA

One Inch Punch is a hard rock four piece whose heavy melodic groove is influenced by bands ranging from TOOL, System Of A Down and Deftones, to the psychedelic creations of Pink Floyd. OIP is based out of San Diego; their Skinless e.p. was released March 1, 2005, followed by the Virgin Demo in 2006.


Based out of San Diego, One Inch Punch, formerly known as HYDE, has their collective mind, body, and spirit focused on creating, communicating, and working non-stop to make a lasting contribution and impact on the world of music and beyond. OIP has toured the southwest and up the coast to Washington with stops in Reno and Tahoe along the way.. The members of OIP came together, piece by piece, between 1997and 2001. The band was officially born under the name Afterblack in November 2000 and has been working tirelessly since. Beginning with the first show in February of 2001, they have maintained a full schedule and plan on continuing to do what it takes to achieve world domination. One INch Punch's eclectic style has resulted in shows filled with a wide range of music fans; from indie rockers to metal heads, punk rockers to hippies, OIP communicates in a way that any music fan can understand and appreciate.



Written By: Sebren L. Green III

I tarnish your beauty and I believe it's love
Cover you in the shit stains of my piety
Ignoring life's complexity I swing you like a hammer
Smashing through the insolence
of those that would oppose me

I will praise you with glaring indignity
I will honor you with bold-faced indecency
Push you down to where I can see you
Push you down and make you like

In the empty spaces where I am most afraid
Where I am most in danger of facing myself
I keep you here, and you comfort me
Knowing that you're infected
Infected just like me

I tie you up in all my insecurity
Binding you tight to my sinking shape
And though this world feels like it's killing me
Heaven knows I'm not going alone

Hate Me

Written By: Sebren L. Green III

Swallowed by your anger
Possessed by it
Obsessed with your sweet revenge
Immersed in your hatred

You grow righteous
Unable to be swayed
Drowning in your needs
Feeling so betrayed

Internalize this sorrow
In the darkness it grows strong
Devouring your love for me
Leaving just a grave

So Hate me

In the darkness it outgrew us
Far beyond your control
Now it lies between us
Infinite in its depth

I call you brother
And I will
With my dying breath
With my dying breath

What you see and feel in this
Remains a mystery
If only to me
Only to me

So hate me


Written By: Jason Williams

I will not be typecasted in your reality
I am me
Like the person you want to be
Jealous of the fact that my life is free

Not caught in the trappings of your delusions
Not caught in the trappings of your delusions

Making you face
Into my life
Of what is right
Of why you fight

What is your sindrome

When will you learn that you just don't get it
You're sick in the head and told people I'm pathetic
All along living your own truth
Innocents exposed to the madness of your sindrome

Making you face
Into my life
Of what is right
Of why you fight


Skinless e.p. 2005
Virgin Demo 2006

Set List

Our usual show is one 30-35 min set, but we have approx. 2 hrs. of songs not including a repertoire of eclectic covers we mix in from time to time.
Our set list is rarely the same twice, but the following is a good example:
The Price
Duct Tape
Hate Me
First Light