one k baby

one k baby

 Tallahassee, Florida, USA
BandHip HopPop


Who Is One K Baby? To his fans he may be known as "the next lil Wayne", a phrase first used by Obama, and "the son of lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj", which both, One k himself proclaimed to be, after apearing out of nowhere and stepping into the music industry. But where did One K come from? And what gives him the right to call himself "the next lil Wayne? So many question rise when speaking on One k Baby, and even more rise when listening to his music. Like how can one unsigned artist make such quality music, with no manager, no team, and no outside help.... Drive..To understand where his drive comes from , you must understand him. Which brings us back to our first question.... Who is One K Baby??? One K was born Kanya Thomas, April 1st, 1991, in Tallahassee, Fl ... known for being the home of T pain... but to Kanya it was known as a trap... because growing up here with out goals or some kind of dream you would never escape the city or in his case extreme poverty... So before he could even read he decided that no matter what, he would find a way to make a way. At the age of nine Kanya started spitting rhymes, and by the age of 12 he had made up his mind that music would be his ticket, but eventually it became his passion. 3 years later at the age of 15 his life changed forever. while leaving the movies with a friend, Kanya was jumped and knocked unconscious ... Upon waking up he discovered that two of his top teeth were missing, and one was barely hanging. The accident forced kanya to have to stay home until he could get the damage done to his mouth repaired. During this time Kanya was homeschooled and had more time to focus on music than ever. It was then when he started teaching himself fl studio, and how to make beats. It was also during this time when Weezy started his mixtape marathon. Realizing then that mixtapes were becoming bigger than albums, kanya started putting together ideas for future mixtapes he would one day release. But before Kanya would embark on his journey to fortune and fame he made a goal to finish high school first. New years eve 2008 Kanya recorded for the first time under the name 1 yung K with a group of his friends called the Set It Off Boiz (SIOB). He later adapted the name One K Baby, and gave himself the alias DYIC (Da Yungest In charge) due to his flow being about having fun and him starting out at a young age as a kid. K also went by The Freestyle Kid during his youth because he never liked writing and preferred to emprovise his raps. In 2009 Kanya finished high school earning his ged and high school diploma through life skills center. Upon graduating kanya got invited to move to miami with his uncle. Kanya saw this as an opportunity to get his music in the hands of someone to get it in the hands of lil Wayne. Upon getting to miami he was convinced by his uncle to attend college there. Kanya decided to take up graphic design in order to master his craft and become more independent. After taking several prep classes K came to the realization he was wasting his time. He eventually taught himself how to use photoshop to design, then later how to mix and master his own music with fl studio. While still attending college in miami he met a friend who would introduce him to lil wayne's recording manager. He would after mixing and mastering a low quality version of "u cant stop me" give her a copy of his first song and eventually a copy of his mixtape, Predyic (DYIC : Tha prequel disc 1). But before Kanya was able to reach his goal of getting his songs heard by weezy he was sent back to tallahasse by his uncle. One K would spend the next years mastering the four elements of hip hop he had learned ... He would eventually get his mixtape up to a high quality sound.... design his mixtape cover to perfection, and learn how to promote and sell himself to his target fan audience. Now One k is on a mission and even more determined than
ever to take it straight to tha top and get signed to the biggest label out Young money, and after dropping out of college to focus all his time on music, One K has stepped into the rap game proclaiming to be the next best, calling himself the son of lil wayne n nicki minaj... now that we have answered the question "who is One K Baby?"... the only question left is not whether One K will get signed to young money, but when.


Dyic Tha prequel: disc 1