One Last Stand

One Last Stand


One Last Stand is an infectious pop/punk quartet with highly diverse influences. One Last Stand pumps out an original sound that is a perfect blend of harmony and skill. It is a pop/punk sound that many bands strive for, few achieve, and attracts a multitude of fans with diverse musical tastes.


One Last Stand began as a traditional three-member punk band in Orlando, Florida at the University of Central Florida. They began playing at the local bars and house parties and slowly gained a ferociously loyal fan base. Signed to the independent label, Jet Speed Records of Hollywood, California, the band is scheduled for a musical spot on Fox's The O.C. on May 11th of 2006, eleven stops of the Vans Warped Tour, and has a music video in negotiations for airtime on the Fuse Network. The band takes pride in their unity as friends before anything else, which provides for a visible chemistry that few bands posses. The sound is fed from diverse influences ranging from Blink 182, to The Ataris, to classic rock, to 80's hair bands, with all four members united in creating a sound that is both attractive and unique. One Last Stand is more than a band; it is a combination of four magnetic personalities committed to making music that attracts new fans and keeps them coming back for more.


"...Three's a Crowd" - releseased in November, 2005 by Jet Speed Records of Hollywood, CA.

The, "A White Studded Lullaby" video can be viewed on the bands myspace page,

Set List

One Last Stand can rock a stage for up to 1 hour of original music, and for 2 hours including covers. A typical set list consists of:
Down and Out - Original material
No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service - Original material
Queen of Immaturity - Original material
I'm Sorry - Original material
Believe - Original material
Pretend (Everything's OK) - Original material
A White Studded Lullaby - Original material
Cadillac - Mest
Yesterday - Mest
Sugar, We're Goin' Down - Fall Out Boy
What's my Age Again? - Blink 182
The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage - Panic! At The Disco
Love Song - (Acoustic set) 311
Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to do Today - Fall Out Boy
Grand Theft Autumn/Where is Your Boy - Fall Out Boy
One Year, Six Months - (Acoustic set) Yellowcard