one left

one left


Roots, Americana, Rock, Pop, Country music, we write all of our stuff.


Riley, Eric, Sven, Marc, guests... these guys are the real deal here. They make this stuff listenable and there's just no praise high enough for them. Riley McMahon brings these songs to life with his arrangements, what an ear this boy has. And Eric Leifert and Sven Abow are just great, period.

About my voice... my goal as a singer is to someday sing as good as Kris Kristofferson. I may be aimin' high.

About my playing... well, the boys don't let me play much on the recordings.


Best Wishes - Folk (2007)

Wayfaring - Rock - A pilgrim's journey, songs born from thoughts along El Camino de Santiago (2007)

Songs from the Wound - Alternative Garage Country - Playlisted on Radio stations all over the world, one song used in major advertising campaign all across the UK (2005)

Foreign Country - rock/pop - Foreign lands and exotic women (2000)

The Nature of the Beast - dark pop - dime store philosiphizin'... (1997)

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