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The best kept secret in music


"BAND: One Found"

by Brooke Williams

When Columbus power-pop quintet One Life Lost takes the stage, they have more on their minds than if the crowd will dig their sound. They admit it's sometimes nerve-wracking to divulge to a roomful of music fans that they have a lyrical agenda: Writing songs about Jesus that don't suck.

In many ways, they have their work cut out for them. People have been writing music about Jesus for centuries. Plus, many (even Christians) aren't sold on Christian rock, which has been criticized as being stale, saccharine and musically lagging.

"I don't really enjoy many Christian bands at all," said One Life Lost drummer Mike Snyder. "I like bands who are real, and that comes across in their music."

In the two years since forming, One Life Lost have slowly but surely been gaining the respect of believers and skeptics alike, on a quest to bring a breath of fresh air into the sometimes stuffy world of righteous rock.

Lead singer and guitarist Shell Belt acknowledged, "Yeah, I always get nervous, like when we played Comfest, but [guitarist] Aaron [Moss] challenged me to not be afraid. It is scary, because people expect you to be preachy as a Christian band, so you don't want to be preachy. But at the same time, you don't want to forsake what you're doing."

Bassist Tim Sedlock added, "We played a show in Detroit, and it was really intimidating to get up there and say 'We do this for Jesus' when the crowd isn't as into us, because a lot of people think Christian bands are a joke."

One Life Lost might have been drowned out by the din of rocking youth-groupers if it weren't for Belt's strong and sure voice and the band's ambitious, driving arrangements. They are ripe for radio-friendly success.

After scrapping an initial attempt at a debut album, the band signed a production deal with Fidelity Entertainment. "They've definitely brought out more creativity in us, with how we structure songs, in things like where to put a part in right where it needs to go," Moss said.

"I think the reason we ditched the whole first CD is that you listen to it and think, 'This is a local band.' The quality is awful," Belt added. "So to have access to their talent and resources and equipment is incredible."

A self-titled debut EP is finally ready for public consumption, officially being unveiled Saturday at Blues Station. Regardless of worldview, One Life Lost's impressive debut is likely to earn them a diverse audience of those with faith in the power of good pop music.

September 28, 2006
- Columbus Alive


Single- "You and Me" (selecte in the top 20 of thousands to be considered to be featured on the soundtrack of "john tucker must die") this song is also played on local radio stations.

SElf -titled EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


Some may sit back and wonder how a band as exceptional as One Life Lost could come out of the small little town of Columbus, Ohio... well, it is a wonder to us all began back a few years ago with a girl and a dream. lead vocalist shell had a vision to start a "band." armed with nothing but a guitar shell began her search...she quickly found a few talented souls in the form of troy thorpe, steve vaughn, and current keyboard player and all around stud muffin, simeon clark .. troy and steve have since left the band to pursue other wonderful and exciting things ... shell happened upon tim while perusing at a local music shop. well, not so much upon tim as upon a "band wanted" poster that just happened to catch her eye ... light shone down from heaven and our third permanent member was born....tim formerly played bass for the hardcore band the Farewell Monument and also happens to be the youngest and cutest of the band members. guitar player aaron moss, who had also previously been bass player for a hardcore band, Symphony in Peril, began hanging around afer a while .. aaron filled in a couple stints as a drummer for the band after steve had parted ways, even traveling with the band to detroit for a show and forming deep bonds with them in "the enchanted forest" .. after seeing what a heck of nice guy aaron was and immensely enjoying his company the band added him on as the fourth permanent member. he played his first show with the band in august of 2005 .. knowing aaron is kind of like playing that game "six degrees of kevin bacon," because he pretty much knows everyone in the world. even though the band now had a smashing lineup, they were still quite drummerless, but their prayers would soon be answered in the form of a young man by the name of michael snyder .. after taking a break from the whole band "thing" mike felt it was time again to seek out a group of like-minded people to create beautiful music with .. the very same day mike received a call from a friend informing him that friend Dave Escobedo's band "Killing Santa Clara" was looking for a drummer .. mike immediately jumped at the opportunity...after a couple practices with the band and their drummer situation still sitting in limbo, Dave directed mike to friend Tim Sedlock's band which was also in need of a drummer .. mike was already acquaintances with Tim, and realized as he met with the band for the first time at starbucks that he had met shell a year previously when she had played at the coffee shop where he works .. mike and the band immediately fell in love and he became the 5th official member early september of 2005... and the rest they say, is history.... for a more complete bio check out our website...