One Loud Secret
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One Loud Secret

Roanoke, VA | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Roanoke, VA
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Alternative Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"April Corbin"

"Picking a good song to cover can be an important tool for local bands. It can highlight their musical influences or showcase a flair for reinvention; all while helping unknown bands connect with their audience by using songs they already know and love. One Loud Secret does this well."
- Las Vegas Weekly


"Put on that highly ironic prom dress and lose yourself in the giddy swirl of stuttering drums, sweeping indie guitars and high-energy vocals. Cute, banging and catchy as hell, it could be The Sundays on too many sweets. "

"Bob Mandoki"

"They played some of the coolest Hard Rock N Roll tunes ... They tore the Antlers off the wall inside The Bunkhouse..."
- Big Wheel Magazine


One Loud Secret EP
Grit (taste it, feel it)



We have something unique to offer the world of music. 3 boys from the country and 1 girl from Cali, all drummers get together in the desert and see what kind of ear candy they can come up with. Check out One Loud Secret!

Keep your eye out for this emerging band out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Trying to battle the concept that live music is dead for non-main stream bands. Especially residing in a place where live original music is not really known for. This band ended up in the middle of the desert together by chance.

The boys; Jeremy Price (guitar), Andy Burnette (bass) and Dave McGraw (drums) all come hailing from Virginia. All have been playing music for most of their lives. Dave McGraw has performed in bands like Cock Ring and Hot Plate. Jeremy Price was drummer in many bands including The Hats. Jeremy also has another musical project, something a little different, more theatrical, but purely musical called Plastic Musik. And Andy, well Andy has been playing the guitar ever since he was gripped by the sounds of rock-n-roll. Leilani on the other hand is from the west side, San Francisco. Unlike the boys with music, Leilani's thing was dance and she didn't get deep into music until she was hired as a performer for the International Show STOMP in Boston Jan. 2003. This is when she met Jeremy Price, who was also hired at that time. From that day on Jeremy and Leilani worked as performers in STOMP together for the next 3 years forging a very close friendship. Evenutally Jeremy quit Stomp to pursue other things, and moved back to Virginia. There he worked on other musical projects, but always kept in touch with Leilani.

In 2008 they found themselves both in Las Vegas and working for STOMP again. Jeremy had informed Leilani that he had a band that he had been playing with back home and the only thing that they were missing was a singer. He asked her if she would want to give it a shot. Leilani, having only ever really sung in plays in school and in the shower and car, accepted the challenge. She had just so happened to be writing a lot on a consistent basis. So for the next 3 months Leilani wrote to the 5 recorded tracks that the band had already laid down. The boys ended up being blown away with the addition and complement that Leilani offered their songs. In Jan. 2009 Secret Band went in the recording studio to record instrumental and vocal tracks to produce their 7 song demo.

It has been a year since then and now the band, One Loud Secret can be found playing around Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Something remarkable about this band is how they write their songs. It's a completely collaborative effort. There is not one person who is dictating everything, like many bands and artists of the day. In One Loud Secret, everyone contributes their own talents and voices and each song is contructed with everyone contributing. Jeremy usually writes riffs and arranges composition. Andy brings in his flavor and compliments Jeremy's ideas beautifully while still maintaining his own voice. Dave, a master of feel, lies down a nice comfy bed for us to lay in. And Leilani, once the song has been compossed will listen to it. Usually the song will inspire something inside her, or remind her of a feeling, place, person or experience. She will then use that an online rhyming dictionary to write lyrics and melody. LOL

The band is finding it hard these days to find a platform to spread the word on. It's not like 10 or 20 years ago when people loved going out to see live music. Whether it was a pop star or a no name band out of nowhere USA, people loved to go out and experience live music. These days people don't go out as much and because of the world that the internet has built, which is a wonderful world as well, people don't go out as much to see and listen to music They can see and listen to music at home on their computer. Well since this site is one of those kind of platforms, please give us a listen. Let us know what you think. If you like us, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your Mom. Help us spread the word. Word of mouth is one of the best advertisement one can obtain. And if you are ever in the Vegas area, check our gigs page to see where and when we are playing next. And check our mypace page or twitter for updates on what we're up to.

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