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I haven’t submitted any of my work to the press. With the thousands of periodicals, magazines, and internet sites out there, that could become a full time job of its own. I’m not really that into the idea that there needs to be a critical filter for art and music. Instead, here is a short list of meaningful and unsolicited comments from artisans within my creative community who's opinions I highly respect. I am humbly flattered by their descriptions of what I do. I have also included a couple of awards that I have received. - - trevor (one mic stand)

This was a yearlong event, where one songwriter was chosen at the end of each monthly showcase to play in the year end showcase. And then one songwriter was chosen at the end of the year end showcase. ummmm......they picked me for September and also the year 2003. - (PSA ) Portland Songwriters Association

This event was hosted by the talented Tracy Grammer, the other half of the late great folk hero, Dave Carter. This event takes place at the Sisters Folk Festival in Sisters, OR once a year. - 2005 Sisters Folks Festival

"Soulful, unaffected songwriting delivered with a velvet hammer of a voice. (one mic stand) has been known to silence the noisiest of venues with his compelling performances of his timeless songwriting" -

"( one mic stand ) is a fantastic Portland songwriter who's haunting neo-folk revival tunes you'd swear were written 40 years ago" -

"Like rain water on a dry mouth. A voice as pure and nourishing. It is truly a voice that plucks the invisible thread in a persons soul. It's rare." - ( Nanny )

"Sublimely Simple" - ( Songwriter, Performer )

" Embodies a spirit with an energy that blankets the room " - ( life coach, poet )

"Voice like Velvet Thunder" - ( Screenplay Writer )

"Acoustic Ear Nectar" - ( Music Festival Coordinator )


self titled EP available at shows


Feeling a bit camera shy


One Mic Stand is the acoustic project of Trevor Reichman ( a.k.a. “tre” ). That’s me. I’m writing this myself because I recently quit my full time job and now I have time to write bios in the first person.

I’ll start backwards.

I just re-named my band “One Mic Stand”. The band is just me. See how that makes sense ? I like it when one person has a band name. Like "Iron and Wine". Or "Nine inch Nails". Or "Bob Dylan". Actually, “One Mic Stand” was originally the name of a short lived collaboration from when I first lived in Austin over four years ago ( It’s the end of 2006 now ). I like to re-use and recycle things, so "One Mic Stand" is back after realizing that it’s really a perfect name for a folk singer.

About a month ago, I moved back to my hometown of Austin, TX.

For the last four years, I have been living in Portland, Oregon. During those years, and as a departure from the rock n roll thing, I managed to avoid dragging other innocent musicians into my musical wanderings by performing solo. I played at all kinds of venues, from smoky bars to organic farmers markets... coffee shops, house concerts, benefits and festivals ( see 'past dates' in calendar ). I got really comfortable being a loner onstage and I won a couple of local and regional awards ( see review section ). Awards are a strange conception, but you have to include it in your bio if you get one because then there is more of a chance that you will get hired by a venue. The word venue is part of the word revenue, which a musician needs in order to avoid an art debilitating dayjob.

Speaking of dayjobs…during that time in Portland, I also worked for CD Baby, where I co-designed a merchant program that now helps thousands of musicians sell their music at shows. That felt good. Especially looking back on it. When I was IN it, I mostly looked at a computer screen and a lot of numbers. It's hard to get a sense of the impact and magnitutude of a service like CD Baby while you are a cog in its wheel. Before I was a computer person, I used to have perfect vision, but not anymore. I am using a Tibetan Eye chart which is helping my vision get back to to normal. I think it’s working.

The industry thinks that there needs to be a critical filter to weed out artists. I’m not into that idea. I think that listeners can decide for themselves who’s music and art they ingest. Part of the fun is finding artists who are off the radar screen. The ones that you happen upon. The ones that aren’t flaunted on the front pages of magazines and music columns…the ones who’s art is honest and unaffected by trends and commercialism. The radio and the media expose only a microscopic portion of what is out there. And commercial radio is unattainable to most hard working and serious artists. I feel that I have been surrounded by such truly great and inspired artists in Portland... and now in Austin. There is something important going on right now... outside of the radio spectrum... and off the radar screen

I write continuously. I've written well over 100 songs. I sing as much as I speak. And I almost never turn down an opportunity to play for people. I am learning how to record my songs. I am also starting to get more organized on the management side of things and treating my music as a livelihood…a chosen field of contribution to the community. I’m not trying to be a rockstar. I don't really understand why there needs to be rock stars.

I think it's great when music listeners are able to graduate from the idea that content is restricted to what is available though commercial channels. The world of original and inspired art is available to anyone who wants to venture inside it.