One Mile South

One Mile South


CSNY meets George Strait? The groove-oriented flavor of a country-rock sound... The judges have voted! One Mile South is the best unsigned group in Nashville!


Nashville is home to many aspiring Country singers, and most pay their dues on a diet of Top Raman and hope. One Mile South is just such a duo but after 6 years of playing the rounds and honing their skills as songwriters, Tim Schneider and Gary Bunning, the core members of OMS, are just now beginning to get the recognition they so justly deserve.
In 2003 they were given an opportunity to record some of their songs and so with the help of producers Darran Smith and Denny Hemingson, (of Dance Hall Doctors fame), One Mile South recorded their self titled CD.
Prior to its formal release in 2005, the guys went out on the road, visiting radio stations throughout the mid west and southern regions, promoting their first single release, “That’s What I Believe”. The song went #1 in several cities and markets including Georgia, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, Virginia and Arizona. Their second single release, “Make Something Of It”, blew the doors off an even larger Country Radio market including Texas, Florida, Nebraska, New York, Wyoming and the Dakotas. But while on tour it was their acoustic performances, at well over 100 radio stations and venues, which they performed as a trio with fellow singer/songwriter Daniel Palasset-Mouledous, which gained them the most notoriety and fan base.

In June 2004, they won an opportunity to play the main stage at Country Thunder, USA in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin where they gained an even larger group of loyal fans. The “Young Guns Competition”, was an Internet voting based contest and voted on by Country Thunder’s Festival goers and Country fans. With 14 bands competing for the same opportunity, OMS was honored to be one of the three winners.
By June 2005, “This Side Of A Heartache”, track #1 on their CD, had won a “2005 International Songwriter Competition” (ISC) award beating out over 3000 songs that were submitted from over 14 countries. That same year, in November, they won New Music Weekly’s “2005 BEST NEW COUNTRY GROUP OF THE YEAR AWARD”, accepting the award at the ceremonies held in Hollywood, California.
But January 2006, proved to be the most eventful month to date. “This Side Of A Heartache” won yet another award, this time the “O’CANADA –Canadian Country Radio Song Competition”, where it had remained #1 for three weeks running on one of Canada’s top two Internet Radio stations, “That’s Country” (second only to CMT’s Internet Radio station in it’s listening audience base). They also won an award in the “2006 Acoustic Music Awards” (AMA) in the Americana Genre for the group’s acoustic version of the song. Only days later they were notified that “Fire On Batten Lane”, track #5 on their CD, had won the Grand Prize in the “Be A Country Music Video Star” competition, which offered them an opportunity for a free music video on a song of their choosing, and then again, only days after that, they were told their song “Robert Morrison”, track #6, had won one of the most coveted awards of all; 1st place in the “13th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL BILLBOARD SONG CONTEST” in the Country genre. Not so amazing really considering “Robert Morrison” had already gone #1 in Canada that same month on The Country Edge’s Top 20 Chart, just prior to Billboard announcing their winners. Four other songs they entered were recognized in the top 500 songs submitted overall, in ten different genres. With thousands of songs submitted, that is in and by itself quite a feat.
Pepie, the Program Director for KWY in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the time the CD was released, says he’s not surprised the song has done so well and wants to go on record for knowing “Robert Morrison” would be a hit from the moment he heard it back in January 2005. He immediately put it into rotation though that was not the single OMS had released at the time. As a result of his willingness to air emerging acts like One Mile South, KWY radio pulled a much higher rating than expected and he received numerous daily requests for the song.

A bit of background on the guys takes us back to the old “Broken Spoke” days. Playing the “Songwriter Rounds”, where, they met, they not only quickly became great friends, but a unique creation emerged from blending their diverse musical backgrounds into a sound they now call their own.
Tim’s interest in music began in Portland, Oregon while growing up listening to the music his parents loved, legends such as Frank Sinatra and Eddie Arnold. It was their great lyrics and classic music style that most influenced his own. Having a knack for poetry at an age when most young boys would have been teased for such an interest, he eventually realized he could put his story telling style of poetry to music. This created a larger audience for the inspirational messages he wanted to share. He soon became the Worship Leader at a local church, The New Song Church, and went on, as a solo singer/songwriter, to win the ECMA award, “Song O


That's What I Believe

Written By: Schneider, Rieling

Here on shakey ground,
here where it all comes down to what I want and what I believe
Here in this quiet place,
I can still see your face saying "make up your mind and call me"
Well I made up my mind before you walked out that door, because

I believe that everything I'll ever want and ever need and everything that's ever meant anything to me is you, that's what I believe

Here in this house we called a home as darkness falls through these tears I can finally see
You were right to go and leave me all alone but if you were here I'd be on my knees, because

I believe that everything I'll ever want and ever need and everything that's ever meant anything to me is you, that's what I believe

Sometimes it takes losing everything you've got
To finally realize what you really want and


This Side Of A Heartache

Written By: Schneider, Addison

Never been a man to think about love
Never worried 'bout havin' too much
Never worried 'bout havin' enough
You could say it took me by suprise
When I found myself fallin' apart when you walked out of my life

On this side of a heartache
Nothin' I can do
The sun don't shine it rains all night
Skys are never blue
On this side of a heartache
I'm lost at sea
Bailin' out a boat that won't stay afloat and I'm
Drownin' in misery

I've never been affraid to speak my mind
I never worried 'bout all the broken hearts
Or the tears I left behind
Red taillights in the pourin' rain
Standin' alone, chilled to the bone
I felt the pain


If you'd just come back to me
You'd see a man who understands what it's like to be on...


Fire On Batten Lane

Written By: Gary Bunning, Tim Schneider, Linnaea Johnson

Sweet sixteen - summers in the air
Parked on a back road moonlight in her hair
Sweat rolls from their bodies onto back seat leather
Caught up in the moment he promises her forever
And as she gives herself away
A tiny spark of love is fanned into a flame
The fire burns - passion hits the wind
Bridges burned she will never cross again
Innocents is lost and experience is gained
She'll live her life with what remains
From the fire on Batten Lane

A little blue house with a picket fence same back road
A picture perfect life that hides one no-one knows
"Cause every night he comes home drunk she pays the price
Long sleeves and make-up cover marks he left last night
And she knows he'll never change
But was the cost of finding out worth the pain?

Well broken promises have left her worn
But her minds made up she's leaving
She wont take it anymore


That's Livin

Written By: Tim Schneider,Gary Bunning,Daniel Palasset-Mouledous

I make my livin in the city
Doin' that thing from 9 to 5
I won't get rich with what they give me
But that's alright, there's more to life than paying bills on time
Like Smellin' momma's bisquits bakin in the oven
Daddy get's a little bit of lovin
Singin' "Hey Good Lookin'" off key
When my baby snuggles up to me on in the moon light on a front porch swing
Man that's livin' to me
I, I don't think the way I used to
Ah life don't seem so gray
Oh I, I look forward to a sunrise
Fireflies, lazy summer days
Trading my suit and tie for boots and old blue jeans
Yeah, come 5 o'clock I'm ready for the simple things

Just Don't Take Your Time

Written By: Tim Schneider,Gary Bunning,Daniel Palasset-Mouledous

Take the mirrors I won't need them
Take the books, I won't be readin nothin for a while
Take the love I believed in
Take the plants if you leave them, they'll just die
I don't wanna think about you walkin out, just go
Don't say a word Cause I don't wanna talk no more
You don't even have to leave my heart behind
Take anything, just don't take your time
Take the ring and the promise
All your memories in boxes and walk out the door
If you hurry that'd be best
Take the dreams that you left lying on the floor
It's killin me to watch you walk away
I've done all I can do said all I can say


One Mile South: 1st single "That's What I Believe"/2nd single release "Make Somethin' Of It"/3rd single "That's Livin'" now playing on Country stations nation-wide. "Robert Morrison" held a #1 position in Toronto, Canada on That's and "This Side Of A Heartache" won 2nd place in the 2006 "O'Canada" Canadian Country Radio Song Competition.

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All original - normal set length is 1 1/2 hours