One Morning In Mexico

One Morning In Mexico


I don´t like to say we stick with any certain sound within alternative music, as one song can sound like the strokes, another Coldplay, and yet another lovedrug. I write music to fit the feeling of the song and we have fun trying a variety of styles.


We´re just three guys who want to play music; no overarching goals of being famous or making a name for ourselves. We just want to play. Influences for our band would include Ben Folds, Minus the Bear, Coldplay, Radiohead, The Strokes, Lovedrug, Three Dog Night. I would say that each song has different influences instead of the overall sound of our band.

I met Adam at his place of employment, Rohs Street Cafe and asked if he wanted to get together and play music. We practiced for a few months and in the mean time I met Randy at a church in the area. I asked him to join up and we´re just been playing a few shows here and there attempting to get things together. We´ve been together for a little over a year now.



Set List

Take Me
All is Not Lost
Let Go
Give Up
What we Are
There are about 4 more that we do not have names for yet.

Set length: 40min - 1hr
No Cover songs