One Must Fall

One Must Fall

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

One Must Fall provides the perfect combination of deeply emotional themes we can all relate to, and strong earth shattering rock you can bang your head to. Singable melody's and honest lyrics make for a great experience.


One Must Fall: three musicians from the Nashville area coming together to fuse powerful guitar riffs and breathtakingly honest lyrics with a hint of raw aggression, appealing to fans of all genres. OMF provides the perfect combination of deeply emotional themes we can all relate to, and strong earth shattering rock you can bang your head to.

Led by founding member Kevin Johnson’s deeply personal lyrics and superb song writing, OMF has created a rock experience along the lines of such acts as Creed, 3 Doors Down, Alter Bridge and Shinedown, leaving fans and critics alike wanting more. With the return of original bassist Dennis Sanders and drummer Ray Howard the band is poised and ready to take the world by storm. With their debut album, This Secret Silence, available now, and a forthcoming EP, OMF is currently booking shows regionally to add to their ever growing fan base. With an insatiable hunger for success, a strong foundation and faith in the music they put out, OMF is a force to be reckoned with.


The Enemy I Fear

Written By: One Must Fall

These are the enemies I fear
Taking the ones that I hold dear
And everything that I love
I love
Watching you as you run away
Thinking of the things to say
To make this seem real
Seem real

This is the end
This is the time

You're not the one I knew before
Cause I can't believe you anymore
These aren't the words
That bleed from me

Every breath we breathe's a gift
We take for granted what we missed
This can never be again
Children's eyes have seen the truth
Of a life that's lived through you
And now how far will they fall
They Fall

I am the enemy I fear
These are the words that seem so clear
I'll build you up, I'll tear you down
I'll take you home

Make It Real

Written By: One Must Fall

If you believed these words I'm saying
The I don't have very far to go
To make you see that for once I am for real
If you remember the things I'd whisper
All the things that I'd tell you
When it's only you and me alone

Just make it real
There's no make believe
There's just what I've got and I'm giving it all to you
One chance to feel
One chance to breath
This is all I am and what I'll be it's true
This heart belongs to you

If I could change all of our history
I wouldn't be here now
I'd probably be there holding you tonight
But instead I'm writing this song
Wondering why it took me so long
For me to finally do what is right

Just to hear your voice
Tell me it's ok

If you believed these words I'm saying
You'd probably be here now

To The Floor

Written By: One Must Fall

I tried to be perfect for you
But I don't always play by the rules
This secret silence fills up the room
This is the ending of what we could be

I used to be angry but now I'm just tired
It won't ever be the same anymore
Your thoughts breed hatred
Show the coward inside you
Watch the stronger man fall to the floor

If I let one more tear touch the ground
Without hearing your voice make a sound
Rest assured you'll see my face
Someday soon, someday soon

Well I run away

Walk Away

Written By: One Must Fall

Don't be a stranger hiding from the truth
Cause I won't be your angel
These wings aren't strong enough for you

You don't believe

Take the bullets out of this gun and walk away from me
Just leave me standing here in the rain
Thinking of what you used to be

The war is over
The battles already been won
Victory songs on forked tongues
Awake the rising sun

I won't take a damn thing from you
Cause who are you to decide
To walk away and leave me here to die

Not Even You

Written By: One Must Fall

What an empty lie
I caught a glimpse of a fading sky
Words are words
But left behind's the scar
No one sees the depths of who you are

Don't you lie alone tonight
With your candle burning bright

You won't be the best for me
But know that it's alright
Cause' not even you are right all of the time

I wanna love
But nothing feels right
I wanna trust but
It's too damn hard to try
Fears are fears
Still hiding in the dark
I struggle with the ghost of who you you are


This Secret Silence - LP

Set List

From current EP - This Secret Silence:
The Enemy I Fear
Just Like You
Make It Real
To The Floor
Until We Meet Again
Close My Eyes
The Window
Not Even You
Walk Away

From upcoming EP:
Sante Fe