One Nation Under Rod

One Nation Under Rod


One Nation Under Rod is a Rod Stewart Tribute Band who have come together committed to spreading the word of Rod to those who have forgotten or do not believe. This Rod Stewart Tribute invites you to apply for citizenship to... One Nation Under Rod.


One Nation Under Rod came together in the summer of 2000 when five wandering souls realized that one of rock and roll's greatest singers, Rod Stewart, was largely overlooked by the public. The band immediately received attention in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles for their explosive and personal live performance. The band's specialty comes in their ability to uniquely transform such classics as Maggie May and D'ya Think I'm Sexy into a sound that maintains the respect of the older crowd, while also appealing to a younger audience.


Rod's Mix (3 Song Demo)
1. Young Turks
2. D'ya Think I'm Sexy
3. Maggie May

Set List

Hot Legs
Young Turks
Forever Young
Stay With Me
Tonight's the Night
Have I Told You Lately
Maggie May
D'ya Think I'm Sexy
Ooh La la
Twistin' the Night Away
Ain't Superstitious
Some Guys Have All the Luck
You Wear It Well
True Blue