It's a cross between, contemporary, classical, R&B! It's always anthem-ish and will make your heart sore and your lips want to sing! Plus, it's anointed!


One New Man was born out of a passion for the Lord along with a willingness to marshall the TRUE church into holiness by recognizing who God the Father REALLY is! Our assignment: to minister with such exact divine accuracy that demonic strongholds on people's hearts and lives HAVE to be broken ether they want them to be or not; wether they know they exist in their lives or not! We are not JUST a band; we are a "band" of ministers here to preach the Gospel, for it is by the foolishness of preaching that God has ordained that men (women included; man is male AND female) would come to Him!


Released a Hurricane Katrina Tribute: Down, Not Out in 2005

Set List

Set list usually includes 3 fast pace songs, 2 or 3 mid-tempo, and 3 or 4 slow; in no particular order. We like to be led by the Spirit of God