One of the Fallen

One of the Fallen

 Dandridge, Tennessee, USA

sonic sludge, thrash metal to do the toxic waltz to!!


One of the Fallen formed in early 2003 with orginal drummer Michael "Plug" Skyes, Matthew Newberry - vocals/guitar and Derek Galyon - bass/vocal. out of this came the ever infamous "subspecies" 5 song demo. after a few line up changes over the years One of the Fallen came back hard in 2008 with new songs, new line up and a rage to tear up TN. with Derek switching to vocal full time, Matthew making thrash/death metal guitar riffs, and new drummer Aaron Love and the recent addition on new bassist Nick Bulter, the core of the band was formed and One of the Fallen has set its foot in local metal history. 8 years in the making, with several website from, myspace, facebook,, and reverbnation its hard not to find out where we play and whats going on. so welcome to the chaos that are the One of the Fallen...youve been warned!!!
(one of the fallen and all songs are copyright reserved 2003)

Band Members

Matthew Newberry - Guitar/Vocal (2003-current)
Derek Galyon - Vocal (2003-current)
Aaron Love - Drums (2007- current)
Nick Butler - Bass (2011 - current)

former members
Michael Sykes - Drums/guitar (2003-2006)
Shannon Newberry - Guitar/back vocal (2007-2008)
Chris Stiltner - bass (2009-2010)


2003 "Subspecies Demo" (self released and recorded)
1 - calling all freaks
2 - dead like me
3 - where the memory lies
4 - sometimes...
5 - vicegrip
(all songs copyright reserved 2003)
(2010 - 2011 One of the Fallen demo)
1 - calling all freaks(Shed 55 2010 studio version)
2 - age of the faithless(Shed 55 2010 studio version)
3 - the new god(Shed 55 2010 studio version)
4 - dead like me(Shed 55 2011 studio version)
6 - sacrifice(2010 rough cut)
7 - sometimes(2003 version)
(all songs copyright reserved 2003, 2010, 2011)

"calling all freaks", "age of the faithless", and "the new god" are all streamed every 3hrs @
99.5 the X in NC rotates "calling all freaks" on its station.
94.3 the X in knoxville TN rotate "the new god" and "calling all freaks"
"age of the faithless" is played in rotation on