One of the Girls

One of the Girls

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

One of the Girls, a high-energy Irish folk group, plays drinking songs, sea shanties, ballads, bluegrass, & rock covers in a folk style. The band performs wildly entertaining shows, punctuated by sublime harmonies, driving rhythms, and wry humor.


Sean and Tommy grew up in the American Midwest, listening to the records of the great music groups of the 1960s folk revival: The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, The Dubliners, The Kingston Trio, and Peter, Paul and Mary, to name a few. With good friends and expert musicians Tripp, Roger, Mike and Al on board, our band celebrates the spirit of the Irish diaspora in America. High-energy play, three-part harmonies, and a great sense of fun are all signatures of our style.

Independently, our members have performed on stage in the smash musical sensation "Million Dollar Quartet" and on A&E's "The Beast"; played at The House of Blues Chicago, Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Martyr's, Kinetic Playground and The Hideout; studied acting at Oxford University; shared the stage with Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, Crash Test Dummies, Dale Watson, Mike Gordon, Dave Brubeck, Victor Wooten, The Chicago Bluegrass Band, The Hen House Prowlers, and The Sons Of Susan; and sung with some of Chicago's finest professional choirs.

And yet One of the Girls is greater than any of our individual accomplishments when we come together to play. Each and every one of us has a blast when we perform, and that joy is infectious. Our audiences are entertained by our rollicking Irish tunes, beautiful ballads, and playful folk arrangements of classic rock and pop songs.

As a band we started playing at the corner of Winona and Clark in Chicago. From there we moved on to Andersonville Midsommarfest, Irish American Heritage Center, Fado Irish Pub, Chief O'Neill's Pub, Rock Bottom Brewery, The Celtic Knot, Lilly's, Red Line Tap, The Spot, Heartland Cafe, Town Hall Pub, SmallBar, Wabash Tap, The Horseshoe, and many more venues around Chicago.

Similar artists include the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Great Big Sea, Gaelic Storm, The Pogues, and Flogging Molly.


Grandpa's Rules

Written By: Tom Schorsch & One of the Girls

When I was just a little boy,
Too young to have a brain
As Grandpa used to say those days,
And tap me with his cane
You see son there’s a world out there
That you don’t understand
There’s more to life than lemonade
And playing in the sand
The president is a hypocrite
A liar, scum, and cheat
He’ll wipe his butt with your baseball cards
And put gum on your sheets
This world is a rotten place
It’s time you knew the truth
People call me a crazy man
But you see them’s is the rules

Them’s is the rules
O, Lordy!
Them’s is the rules
Why sweet Jesus ain’t they taught in school?
Life would be much simpler
If you only knew
All of the rules

A pedestrian’s a person
Who walks across the street
Payin’ no nevermind to traffic
Zooming past her feet
A driver is a person
Who is in the driver’s seat
He’s on the road; he’s in control,
Livin’ the American dream
When driver meets pedestrian
Life ends in just a flash
A ton of metal saves the driver
He’s not hurt in the crash
Traffic cop looks the other way
Driver’s late for school
Flips the bird as he speeds away
But you see them’s is the rules


A company’s a person
In the eyes of the law
And justice is blind, but never mind
I’m losing my train of thought
A company hires persons
And gives them livelihood
Free hot dogs at company picnics
And you might think that’s good
But it’s got no education,
It’s got no doctor-man,
Can’t get locked up in the jail house
For givin’ folks the can
Can’t find no religion
And it can be quite cruel
It loves naught but money
But you see, them’s is the rules.


Now that I am older
And Grandpa’s passed away
I sit sometimes and reminisce
About that summer’s day
The sun it fades into the west
My time here is not long
So I thought I’d share with you
Grandpa’s rules in song
The old man rode a bicycle
And boy’d he cut the cheese
Wrote letters to the floorboards
And filled his socks with peas
He never learned the telephone
Was stubborn as a mule
Wore no coat in the wintertime
But he taught me the rules



Blueirishfolkgrass (2010)
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A Streetcorner Summer (2005)
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Set List

Our sets are usually 45-50 minutes. For big events, we have played up to 4 sets. Our sets are a mix of toe-tapping Irish tunes, rousing drinking songs, American folk or bluegrass songs, ballads, originals, and a few classic rock or pop covers played in an upbeat folk style.

We tailor our set lists to the event. For example, we'll play drinking songs and rock covers at late-night bar shows, and we'll play family-friendly folk tunes at an all-ages afternoon concert.