One Of The Loudest Tragedies Ever Heard...
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One Of The Loudest Tragedies Ever Heard...

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"FADER Magazine"

“One part producer/re-mixer, one part savage live band, this LA four piece have had successes in all fields prior to forming in the winter of 2002. Mixing industrial production, new-wave style and balls-out rock energy, frontman Johnny Fisher and crew are definitely onto something. From creating mash-ups, to fashion photography to producing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to re-mixing BMRC to touring on the Warped Tour, OOTLTEH's LA collective-turned rock band is a force to be reckoned with. Checking out their website we were amazed at the collage they keep. If those people alone buy their records, they'd go platinum.” - "look out"

"Movement Magazine"

“…sun-soaked L.A. "alternative rock" that is embarrasingly catchy at times. Something you’ll listen to if it comes on the radio and no one else is around….”
- Music Hub

"FADER Magazine"

OOTLTEH for short, because it rolls off the tongue ever so gently... this band encompasses as much energy as it takes to say their name. The LA 4-piece boasts members who have produced Unitard singles, re-mixed the Underground, smacked percussion for Jack Off Jill, clicked pix for fashion mags and hit the road with Rancid. They've got a loud, snotty, slightly new wave sound that is completely excellent and not at all tragic. - PLAYER 061

"Get Past The Name"

- One Of The Loudest Tragedies Ever Heard might be one of the silliest names ever concocted for a rock band, but its music is neither tragic (well, except for the suicide song) nor disconcertingly loud. Giddy? Yes. Calamitous? Probably, as audiences will find during the L.A. quartet’s three Monday stint at the Silverlake Lounge beginning Sept 12.
- With it’s swirl of references to punk, new wave and metal, the Tragedies’ debut album, “Situation Nowhere,” embodies an era when nothing is static – witness the six versions of “Loaded Gun” on the bands band’s website. You’d think a studio whiz was in charge.
- Turns out, one is: producer and remix specialist Johnny Fisher. “The people I remixed for didn’t know I played and wrote songs, and the people who knew I was in a band didn’t know I remixed,” he says. “So I dreamt up this really horrific band name made it work for everything.”
- Fisher assembled a quartet including two rockers (bassist Natalia Bolanos and drummer Claudia) and a fashion photographer (guitarist Mark Zarnow). “I didn’t to make a record without a real band,” Fisher says. “There is something that happens when you play live music.”
- Released on indie label Wedgie/Ameroo, in which veteran manager Ted Gardner has a hand, “Situation Nowhere” has had several songs creep onto radio playlists. – “Mind Over Matter” and “Love & Attention” in L.A., “Suicide (Nothing Says Forever)” on the East Coast, “Loaded Gun” in the Midwest. Says Fisher: “It’s as if the songs are creating their own identities.”
- Los Angeles Times

"Pick Of The Week"

One of the Loudest Tragedies Ever Heard at the Silverlake Lounge. Regrettably, the Loudest Tragedies (or OOTLTEH) seem to live and die by their name alone. It’s a shame that all those syllables only obstruct their musical brawn: The L.A. group’s debut album, Situation Nowhere, appeals equally to Britpop brats, noise demons and new-wave antiquarians. Guitarist Mark Zarnow hisses riffs swathed in jagged feedback and clarion pulsations; the rhythm section shoves even the tidiest pop-punk song into delirium; and Johnny Fisher (producer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) snarls his way through verses of chaos and desire. A former production team, OOTLTEH are making the most of their three-week residency at the Silverlake Lounge, performing a near-perfect catalog of mash-ups and gun-downs. And, honestly, how can you not love a band whose Web site is Also featuring the crunching melodies of Golden Arms. (Alex Linhardt) - LA Weekly

"Featured Band On Homepage - October 2005"

Their bands name’s silly, but their music’s brash and refreshing. The brainchild over producer/re-mixer Johnny Fisher, the Tragedies have quickly gone from a fun project to a bona fide ace rock band. -

"HITS Magazine"

One of the Loudest Tragedies Ever Heard: One of the longest band names ever hyped, too, but the new release from this L.A. collective (on indie imprint Wedgie Records) arrives amid a fair amount of expectation. Mixing industrial production, new-wave style and balls-out rock energy, frontman Johnny Fisher and crew are definitely onto something—especially on uptempo tracks like the exhilarating "Station" and "Fallin." (SG) - Weekend Planner


- Situation Nowhere (Wedgie Ameroo Records) 2005
- Situation Nowhere "directions to" (double 12")
(Wedgie Ameroo Records) 2005
- The Skin EP (Wedgie Records) 2004
- These Blues Don't Belong To Me" (Cleopatra Records) 2005
(dj / mashup record w/ Daniel Mancini)
- Terrible Need For Affection - 12" Vinyl (Wedgie Records) 2004
- Evening Standard Newspaper (London):
promotional attachment re-mix comp.
- Cornerstone PLAYER 057
- Cornerstone PLAYER 061
- "Juiced" - THQGames (2005)
- Film Soundtrack "Granted" (2004)
- Eric Koston Pro Skater DVD Soundtrack (2004)
- All Days All Ways (Self Released) 2003

Re-Mixes Include:
BRMC - "Ha Ha High Babe" (UK)
The Specials - "Ghost Town"
Scarling - "Band Aid Covers The Bullet Holes"
Radiohead / Berlin - "Karma Police / The Metro" (mashup)
Ice Cube / Psychadelic Furs - "Pretty In Pink" (mashup)
Velvet Underground / Punjabi MC - "All Tomorrows Parties / Mundian To Back Ke" (mashup)



Hailing from Los Angeles Calif. ‘ONE OF THE LOUDEST TRAGEDIES EVER HEARD...’ is a production team that started in early 2002 and was transformed into a rock band by the winter of 2003. Wedgie/Ameroo Records (with distribution through RedEye) gear up to release the bands debut full-lengh CD “Situation Nowhere” on June 14, the follow-up to the their 2004 release of the the “Skin EP”.

"One part producer/re-mixer, one part savage live band.... OOTLTEH's LA collective is a force to be reckoned with"

"ONE OF THE LOUDEST TRAGEDIES EVER HEARD..." the band consists of 4 members: Johnny Fisher, Natalia Bolanos, Mark Zarnow, and Claudia. All four have come together with very different backgrounds, histories and accomplishments making OOTLTEH unique in its musical scope and diversity.

"Sun-soaked L.A. Alternative Rock that is embarrassingly catchy…”

- Johnny Fisher -aka- “Loudest Tragedy” (vocals / guitar): comes from a very wide musical background and is the driving force behind OOTLTEH. As a producer, re-mixer, writer and member of a rock band, all things touched by LT have a vague similarity. From his production of "Yeah Yeah Yeah's" singles (YES NEW YORK / Vice Records) to re-mixing a wide variety of artists from BRMC to the Velvet Underground.

- Mark Zarnow (guitars): Regarded by his peers as a phenomenal guitar player, sidelines as a fashion photographer.

- Natalia Bolanos (bass guitar):
Having toured extensively in the US & UK in the “Halo Friendlies,” including 3 stints on the Warped Tour, playing national tours with such acts as Rancid, Good Charlotte and MXPX, as well as earning a gold record for the “Halo’s” contribution to the “Freaky Friday” soundtrack, Natalia plays bass in OOTLTEH like a Columbian drug lord.

- Claudia (drums): "Former Lo-Ball, Shocker and Jack Off Jill drummer, Claudia is an absolute terror behind a drum kit.

‘ONE OF THE LOUDEST TRAGEDIES EVER HEARD...’ takes you one step beyond where most music stops.

“Mixing industrial production, new-wave style and balls-out rock energy, frontman Johnny and crew are definitely onto something”


Wedgie Ameroo Records
P.O. Box 3004
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Ted Gardner - Larrikin Management
(818) 972 – 2022

Robby Fraser – William Morris Agency
(310) 859 - 4367

Press Relations:
Dana Gordon – Independent Music Media

Radio Releations:
Lenny LaSalandra - Combat Rock Radio Promotions

Eric R. Greenspan –
Myman, Abell, Fineman, Greenspan, & Light, LLP