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The best kept secret in music


""Opaque" Review"

One Perfect Minute - Opaque CD Review

Album released January 1, 2004.

One Perfect Minute (or OPM as their fans call them) come from the outskirts of Naples/Marco Island, FL area with influential bands such as Incubus, Silverchair, and Finger 11 contributing to their incredible sound.
Honestly, this album can be summed up in one word - amazing. This definitely isn't one of those CD's you find yourself skipping through in order to come across a good song. It's more like a listening experience that captivates the mind and soul.

One Perfect Minute

Vocalist Nick Duarte has an incredible voice that's impossible to get tired of - not to mention his writing ability in addition to the rest of the bands', which is outstanding. It's truly a challenge to pick one favorite track on Opaque. Most songs contain that addicting chorus you find running though your mind all day. A good example is their fourteenth track, "Slipped Through My Finger" - "I pretend that I don't care, when it's killing me, let you slip though my fingers..."

Musically, no words can describe their creativity let alone talent. Mike Vranek on guitar is absolutely mind-blowing, while Ed Ziehm on drums is simply amazing, not to mention the bass played by former member Bryce Healy.

Coming across a band (such as One Perfect Minute) with such a mixture of originality, passion, and talent is like finding an endangered species - rarely come across yet oh-so valuable.
"Opaque" is by far one of the most outstanding albums coming from an unsigned band. I would highly recommend it to any music lover.

To learn more about One Perfect Minute and get a taste of their music, check out:

Review by Ashlyn Gibbs - Florida Entertainment Scene - All Rights Reserved.
- Florida Entertainment Scene

"Review in Marco Island, FL Paper"

Here is a group of four fine, intelligent and talented young men trying to make a living by doing what they love best ­ playing rock music. Having started the band three years ago, Nick Duarte, Bryce Healy, and Mike Vranek went to Lely High School together. Bryce and Nick initially started the group and Mike joined the fold. When asked how the name of the group was decided upon, Bryce said that he and Nick had been writing different names back and forth by e-mail. Each had read the novel, Fight Club, and simultaneously they typed in the same name ­ One Perfect Minute. "We decided that was fate and that put an end to the name search," said Bryce.

Extremely passionate about their music, three members have attended a college or school relating to music. Mike Vranek, a graduate of Fullsail, a recording school where he also learned television direction, plays lead guitar and handles the sound effects. He uses different techniques to filter the tone and feedback.

Nick Duarte, guitarist and vocalist, has been playing the guitar for nine years. He attended Berkeley School of Music in Boston for over a year and studied music production and recording. "We are following our dream. I want to have people out there who want to hear us," he said. "We don't play that screaming kind of rock that other musicians do and I'm a rock singer, and I don't scream," he continued, "but we are loud."

Drummer Ed Ziehm's major was Professional Music. "Before I met the guys, I was studying to become a studio and session drummer," said Ed. Originally from Cleveland, Ed met Nick at the Berkeley School of Music by chance. "The group had lost a drummer, and Nick and I talked about me playing and I told him I was moving to Naples -- wherever that was," Ed explained. "Nick jokingly said he thought he knew where it was since he lives on the Isle of Capri. I've been with the group for about a year," said Ed.

Self-taught on the bass guitar and also a backup singer, Bryce Healy attends the New College of Florida in Sarasota. "I think Nick has fooled himself into thinking I can do backup, so it's largely a justification for himself to do dual tracking on the albums," said Bryce as he laughed. Changing his tone to a more serious level, he said he liked singing. "My hope is that we can take this as far as possible. I am strongly dedicated to this and think of it as art. It allows us to express ourselves freely," Bryce continued. Majoring in Franco-Algerian literature, Bryce again became humorous and said that if the band doesn't work out, "I could always look to my future of living in opulent splendor off my literary degree."

Wondering how some of the young people felt about the group, Lorry Connelly said she thought the group was really good. "One of the guitarists is our friend's brother and we come here to listen," she said. Katy Smith stated she also comes to hear them a lot. "The loudness doesn't bother us. We're used to it," she said. I guess you have to be young to really, really appreciate rock music. I think I just gave my age away.

As far as the future is concerned, Mike and Ed said they would wait and see how the band works out. If it doesn't, they intend to go back to college and regroup. "We're still waiting for the guys who own Teco Arena to call us," said Bryce, as all four chuckled.

It was nice to see how well they all get along. The group recently collaborated and wrote 14 original songs that will soon be available on a CD. The name of the CD is in its embryonic stage similar to the naming of the group. Nick said that Ray Nesbit, a local performer, has been helping them out in his new studio. With all the basic tracks completed, the CD will have a variety of songs with the addition of piano and cello in some. "We want it to be a listening experience," said Mike.

And that is exactly what One Perfect Minute is ­ a listening experience. If you are older than 30, bring earplugs. You will still be able to hear them because they give their performance everything they've got.

One Perfect Minute plays every Saturday from 10 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. at The Crazy Flamingo in the Marco Town Center.

Phyllis Bator grew up in a musical family
- Marco Island Sun Times

"An Interview with Ed"

One Perfect Minute

Ed Ziehm - Drummer


Chris: To start off, please state your full name and what role you take in the band.
Ed: Ed Ziehm, drummer
Chris: What inspired you to start a band?
Ed: We all had a good friendship and similar musical ideas and ambitions

Chris: How did you guys form?
Ed:I met up with Nick ( lead vocals, rhythm guitar ) at Berklee in Boston and I had just moved to Florida, and his band was looking for a new drummer, so fate sorta brought us all together to rock.

Chris: What's the history behind your band name?
Ed: It was a line from the book version of Fight Club.

Chris: You have any big plans coming up in the near further?
Ed: We're hoping to plan a tour and record an EP soon.

Chris: What goals have you made by joining/starting the band?
Ed: We really just want to get on the road and play for people who are willing to listen.

Chris: What goals have you achieved?
Ed: We've had radio airtime, opened for Mae, and Seven Mary Three. Whenever we have someone tell us they like our music, it's a big goal achieved.

Chris: Has your family, friends and others in your lives supported you in what you do?
Ed: It's simple, without the support and the love our family and friends have given us, we'd be nothing. They have all done so much and put so much faith into us.

Chris: What's the best part about being in your band?
Ed: Playing shows of course. There's nothing better than having the chance to play our music and get all crazy.

Chris: How has your band been getting along with each other?
Ed: Everyone needs their alone time, but we're all really good friends.

Chris: If you could have done anything differently with your band, what would it have been?
Ed: Hmmm... if one of us won the lottery, gas money for the van would be a lot easier to get.

Chris: How long have you guys been together?
Ed: I'd say about 3 years now.

Chris: If you had a chance to tour with any band of any genre, which would it be?
Ed: We'd all have different opinions, but basically any band that has down to earth people that are playing for the love of music and fans, not the love of cash.

Chris: What are some of your favorite songs to play at shows?
Ed: "Pitch Black Sky" is always fun. We usually end our show with " Choade " and that's just ridiculous.

Chris: What're you trying to convey with your lyrics?
Ed: Just the way we feel, we're not trying to re-invent the wheel, just put out what's on our minds.

Chris: How does the song writing process go?
Ed: It'll usually consist of us jamming out ideas we've had indivdually and bringing it all together and making it mesh into awesome new songs.

Chris: Anything else you'd like the readers to know?
Ed: Just to PLEASE check us out, we're dying for the chance to get heard!

Interview by: Chris Moore
- Less Avenged Online mag.

"'The Thought of You' Review"

I can die happy now that I have heard your song. GOOD GOD! This is so AWESOME. The guitars are catchy, the vocals are awesome, GREAT harmonies. sounds kinda incubus-ish, wait no, you make brandon boyd look like a nasty mustache wearing child molestor. GREAT JOB! the mix is perfect, good bridge, chorus, if I knew how, I'd Add you to my PLAYLIST! I think you guys are awesome, you have skills, the riffs are awesome, perfect, BRILLIANT!...........LOVED IT.
Reviewed by: FallingHigh from Norman, Oklahoma - Garage Band


Opaque (2002 Debut LP Album)
The Analog Standard (2005 LP Release)


Feeling a bit camera shy


With influences like Incubus, Radiohead, Thursday, and Muse, One Perfect Minute has forged a unique and powerful blend of their influences into an original sound all their own. The indie-rock group has an energetic live show that keeps their audience enthused and intrigued. The groups' first 14 song album 'Opaque' was a collaboration of musical thoughts and ideas that helped to create a new and unique spin on rock catching the ears of new listeners."The Analog Standard" is One Perfect Minute's second album that proves the groups songwriting talents only grow stronger with time and dedication. With show after show lined up, One Perfect Minute is playing everywhere possible to let people experience one of the best new rock acts to come out of Florida.