BandHip Hop

From the heart, genuine music.


A nomad, hailing from Portland, Maine. Onepersun has been known to travel the country via a Greyhound bus to live, record, and do shows on all coasts. Always anticipating his next "move" while documenting all in present "state" onepersun is about to drop 4 albums in 2007/early 2008 (not including group projects) that are all entirely vast from each other lyrically, production wise, and topic wise. Anything you need to know about onepersun is conveyed in his music. Study up!
Onepersun also worked the poetry circuit in the mid to late nineties, winning some prestigious competitions featuring such renoun poets as Taylor Mali and Regie Gibson.


Greyhound recordings: 1999
Songs To Cuddle to: 2007
apocalypticide: 2007
self titled: 2007
Domestic Goggles: 2007/2008

Set List

Anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes