VanMeter, Clarke & Hicks

VanMeter, Clarke & Hicks


These artists rich melodies, unique voice, and skillful guitar playing transends new acous folk/rock music to another dimension. Insightful, Personal, and sometimes political, Cleveland area singer/songwriter shares his side of view, ifluenced by the end of a century and the rise of a new millnium


Originally from Cleveland area, Dana moved around the country, experienced, writing and performing music in Ohio, and Texas. And later, in NY, and CT, and back to Ohio, while Store Managing Guitar Center Stores. His original music reflects a part of us all in living and in dreaming. If you pay attention, you might just walk away with a personal message you didn't expect. This artist indeed, has a story to tell.


Think of the people

Written By: Dana Clarke

In this world of wildness
Not far from the times
There are people with living on their minds
They come from the jungle
In a land called America
Being free is always in their eyes
More ways to make money
Sometimes go to jail
Believe in a time for unity

They say oh think of the people
All we ask is that you try

Together in union striving for the ride
We’ve got no reason to run or hide
A mountain top is peaking
Why can’t I follow the people getting high on life

Some say one mans got no heart
He says that’s a lie –
We’re living proof of people working for their rights
Still believe in a unity in a land that never ends
Remember the dreamers who’ve long been dead
Open up your minds, oh and listen
Open up your ears and hear what they have said

They say oh, think of the people

I say Goodbye

Written By: Dana Clarke

Morning broke outside my door and through the window it shined
Her words were spoken inside my head
And through my eyes I cried
There’s a place without a trace bringing back emotions from the past
All that’s wrong and all that’s gone
Make believe your thoughts are at last
It’s in those words of despair that can be spoken anywhere
But will they still stand tomorrow?
You play the game things aren’t the same
But you still feel the sorrow
I see a shadow of her love beneath the rising sun
I still ask myself why
And from the bottom of her heart
There’s a start,
I turn to her and say goodbye
I say goodbye
I say goodbye


Released on iTunes, Napster, Rhaposdy, Amazon Music, and more. Dana Clarke, aka DangusKincaid, also, w/Brenda Clarke, VanMeter, Clarke & Hicks, and Generation Gap. They're Comin, After the Fall, One Phantazmal Evening, Wild Groove, Rise and Fall.(BMI) on Independent grass roots label, DangusKincaid Records. DangusKincaid also has over 50 videos to watch on youtube. Search DangusKincaid, also on
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Set List

As a solo act, Dana will perform up to 2, one hour original sets. VanMeter, Clarke and Hicks perform a one hour set, and VanMeter can also perform solo.